Key visual for OAM application module named diagnostics showing a man sitting in front of a desk  working with 4 monitors and a notebook displaying screens of the Omnivise software.

Omnivise Diagnostics

Early failure notifications your experts can trust

Omnivise Diagnostics integrates different data sources and monitoring functions to provide integrated, synchronized views of asset condition for local and centralized diagnostic teams. The solution draws your experts’ attention to critical cases first. An integrated diagnostic workflow then gives them the guidance they need for fast and effective case resolution.


Omnivise Diagnostics transforms data into insights, unlocking its hidden value and enabling early fault detection by your expert teams.

Benefit icon for increased asset availability

Increased asset availability by

up to 98%*

Benefit icon for accurate findings


more than 80%


Benefit icon for failure detection

Failures detected

up to 6 months

early, 9 days early on average*

Benefit icon for lower OPEX

Lower OPEX

through targeted, predictive maintenance

Benefit icon for increased efficiency

Increased efficiency

through an asset-centric view and guided case resolution


* Based on actual case study; individual results may vary.

Reliable synchronized information and guided case resolution

Omnivise Diagnostics infographic showing the content of the module and the connection points to the other 3 modules of the suite.

Proven by our experts, ready for yours

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How Siemens Energy makes the difference

Integrated asset view aggregates all information from every relevant monitoring function: process data from DCS, manual readings and vibration data, with advanced pattern recognition, image recognition and other forms of machine learning. It delivers a single, integrated and synchronized view of the assets and avoids multiple tool-specific views. 

Gives diagnosticians end-to-end digital workflow support, from collection to action, including efficient collaboration across roles with guided handover-workflows, such as from Diagnostics to Maintenance. Provides experts with guided case resolution, delivering all information needed to conclude cases fast and effectively, including Assigned Failure Modes and Effects (FMEA), criticality, asset history, and other factors.

Provides codified knowledge via comprehensive asset templates (incl. FMEA and indicators). Use of the support button gives fast, direct access to the Siemens Energy expert network for know-how, experience and consulting help.

Our dashboards – a modern and intuitive user interface

Omnivise Diagnostics screen – asset view

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