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Omnivise Reliability

Optimize your maintenance programs, leverage Siemens Energy knowledge

Omnivise Reliability supports the Reliability Engineer to introduce and maintain a Reliability Centered Maintenance approach. Providing an intgrated, intuitively-designed workflow, with all functionalities needed to deliver a cost-efficient solution, as budgets tighten and operating hours are cut.

The solution also offers access to a vast body of knowledge developed by Siemens Energy Subject Matter Experts through an Asset Template Library (ATL) that includes Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA), typical indications and recommended tasks for all major equipment, including auxiliaries of gas and steam turbine, generators and Balance of Plant.

This comprehensive library of asset templates enables engineers to develop a condition-based maintenance program across the plant and enterprise in an efficient way.


Omnivise Reliability helps you switch your maintenance approach from fire-fighting to predictive maintenance.

Benefit icon for reduction unplanned outages

Unplanned outages reduced by

up to 25%*

Benefit icon for increased asset availability

Increased asset availability by

up to 98%*

Benefit icon for reduced maintenance costs

Reduced maintenance costs by

up to 10%*

Benefit icon for higher effectiveness

Higher effectiveness

through access to Siemens Energy Failure Mode and Effect Analysis derived Asset Template Library

Benefit icon for increased transparency

Increased transparency

enables real-time communication with other specialities


* Siemens Energy calculation based on actual case study; individual results may vary

User-friendly solution, enabling condition-based maintenance programs

Omnivise Reliability infographic showing the content of the module and the connection points to the other 3 modules of the suite.

Proven by our experts, ready for yours

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How Siemens Energy makes the difference

Provides codified knowledge via comprehensive content libraries, including Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, recommended tasks for all major equipment and predefined indications for continuous condition monitoring. Use of the support button gives fast, direct access to the Siemens Energy expert network for know-how, experience and consulting help.

The solution gives your experts immediate access to a comprehensive modular toolset for all aspects of Reliability Centered Maintenance, including both strategic and operational procedures.

The application is specifically designed to support Reliability Engineers in strategic program development and daily procedures, and includes analytics capabilities and guided RCM facilitation. Stakeholders, such as Operators or Maintenance Engineers can exchange information through pre-defined workflows, including requests for investigation or for further information.

Omnivise Reliability forms an essential element of an holistic, yet modular Asset Performance Management solution, interfacing with Omnivise Diagnostics and Maintenance or 3rd party tools.

Our dashboards – a modern and intuitive user interface

Omnivise Reliability screen – overview
Omnivise Reliability screen – FMEA
Omnivise Reliability screen – FMEA, edit failure characteristics

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