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Omnivise Asset Management

Digital Transformation of Operations & Maintenance, backed by Siemens Energy ’s domain expertise

Omnivise Asset Management suite gives you the solutions you’ve always needed, ready to use now.

Omnivise Asset Management is a modern software suite combining deep domain know-how, latest technologies and methods, and modern software design. Its four modular applications cover all power generation core processes and domains, supporting both local and remote teams. Built on a single platform, so users can draw on the same data and insights. Seamless workflows between applications enable cross-role collaboration, while supporting broader use cases, such as Remote Operator Rounds & Inspections, Asset Performance Management, Full Plant Monitoring, or Remote Operations up to  Autonomous Plant. 

Omnivise Asset Management applications & use cases overview

Infographic that shows an Omnivise Asset Management applications and use cases overview

Our Omnivise Asset Management applications can add significant value to your operations, with a measurable impact on reliability, availability, and operational cost:

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Designed to connect and support your people as effectively as possible

Omnivise Asset Management ensures efficient and seamless information flows, connecting people and processes. The software offers dedicated user entry points based on roles, supported by intuitive user guidance to focus attention on critical issues and rapidly present actionable information. 

Omnivise Asset Management draws on a single, integrated data pool to ensure consistent data quality and easy access for all users, who now receive comprehensive, trustworthy information across value streams.

Find out more about our four modular applications:

Digital Journey with different entry points

Omnivise Asset Management offers you a wide range of different entry points, depending on which state of your digital journey you have reached. The different applications support your transformation initiatives in such areas as Asset Performance Management, Remote Inspections, all the way to Autonomous Plant.

Infographic that shows the wide range of different entry points that Omnivise Asset Management offers

The whole 6,000 MW power fleet at your fingertips

  • “The Fleet Center is an investment that has already started to pay for itself. It is surpassing all the requirements we set. Our performance now is substantially better than we previously experienced.” Jim Cooley, Generation Systems Manager, Origin Energy
  • Improved transparency, efficiency and workflows across the fleet
  • Central monitoring, dispatch and operations management of single assets, plants and entire fleet
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Traditional power generation with tomorrow’s technology

  • "We are moving towards a more automated future to make our power stations as safe, reliable and available as they can be." Andy Scott, Head of Digital Engineering, SSE Thermal
  • Deploying the Omnivise Digital Service Portfolio, SSE and Siemens Energy developed Smart Asset Care for increased plant availability and employee safety at Keadby2 Power Station.
  • Diagnostic and reliability module installed from the Omnivise Asset Management suite

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