RT62X Power Turbine Upgrade

Applicable to all SGT-A35 C, G and GT units

The SGT-A35 (Industrial RB211) gas generator is a consistently reliable aeroderivative gas turbine with applications across the entire oil and gas value chain, including offshore and onshore. In its 40-year evolution, the SGT-A35 has accumulated over 38 million equivalent operating hours across a global fleet of more than 400 units. Its lightweight, compact, modular package design maximizes power density and adapts to seasonal operations, making it a great fit for various applications. The SGT-A35 has the RT62 power turbine close-coupled to the rear of the gas generator.

RT62X Power Turbine

The RT62X power turbine is designed as an upgrade of the legacy RT62 power turbine installed on over 400 Siemens SGT-A35 C, G and GT units. The RT62X offers many key benefits, including increased efficiency, power output and time between overhaul (TBO). Moreover, as each benefit is independent of the other, the RT62X provides flexibility to our customers by allowing customization of benefit selection to meet their operating needs.

Technical Design Improvements

For optimum performance, key components within the power turbine were reevaluated and redesigned. Key changes are:

  • Turbine blades (1st and 2nd stage): Revised 3-D aerodynamic design resulting in decreased blade profile losses
  • Nozzle guide vanes (1st and 2nd stage): Revised 3-D aerodynamics and decreased trailing edge thicknesses for improved efficiency and for life extension
  • Honeycomb tip seals: Improved tip seal design resulting in decreased tip seal leakage and better control on tip clearances

Features and Benefits

    • Up to 1% increase in cycle efficiency resulting in significant fuel savings
    • Higher production via power increase of up to:

    2% for C/G/GT units at 132,000 hours TBO
    4% for G units at 100,000 hours TBO
    6% for GT units at 100,000 hours TBO
    8% for GT units at 50,000 hours TBO
    Power increase for G and GT beyond 2% achieved through throttle push.

    • 32,000 hours life extension for increased availability
    • Independent benefits allow for customization to fit customers specific requirement 


    Siemens RT62 power turbines are installed on all SGT-A35 C, G and GT units.