High-Voltage Testing Laboratory

The high-voltage testing laboratory provides a wide range of possibilities in the field of short and long-term insulation testing. It has two independent testing halls, several smaller laboratories and an open-air testing area for voltage tests.

Wide range of possibilities

Besides high voltage testing, other examinations can be performed, among them measurements of conventional and UHF partial discharge (PD) radio interference voltage (RIV), measurements of dissipation factor and capacity, and rain tests. If required, monitoring camera systems and microscopes are used. In addition to the high voltage testing, the open-air testing area permits long-term insulation testing under DC and AC to simulate aging processes. The large test halls of the high-voltage testing laboratory are shielded. This makes sensitive PD measurements with a very low noise level of less than 1 pC possible. The high-voltage testing laboratory also permits tests for switching of bus-charging currents by GIS disconnectors. Furthermore, surge current test circuits for surge arrester tests are available

Abstract from the testing portfolio of the high-voltage testing laboratory

  • Lightning impulse voltage
  • Alternating voltage
  • Direct voltage
  • Switching impulse voltage
  • Combined voltage tests
  • Long-term tests of insulation materials under DC and AC
  • Conventional and UHF partial discharge measurement (PD)
  • Radio interference voltage tests (RIV)
  • Measurements of dissipation factor and capacity
  • Rain tests


Maximum test voltages

Alternating voltage (50 Hz)1,200 kV, open air up to 1,800 kV
Lightning impulse voltage (1.2/50 µs)3,000 kV
Switching impulse voltage (250/2,500 µs)1,800 kV
Direct voltage1,200 kV

Maximum impulse currents

Maximum lightning impulse current (8/20 µs)40 kA
Maximum switching impulse current (30/60 µs)3 kA
Maximum high current impulse (4/10 µs)150 kA
Maximum long-duration current impulse (2 ms)5 kA, rectangular impulse

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