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With a significant increase in demand for pipeline and storage infrastructure, maximizing efficiency, minimizing emissions and driving down costs have become even more vital. Today’s operators face additional challenges such as: energy transition, effectively managing large amounts of data, cybersecurity threats and tightening legislation.


Our solutions are tailored to meet the evolving needs of operators globally, taking an integrated approach to the engineering, supply and life cycle optimization of equipment at the heart of midstream assets. We provide complete rotating machinery train solutions, integrated electrical and controls equipment and digital solutions, as well as a comprehensive range of services for support over the entire lifecycle. We are a partner for your energy transition journey, offering a variety of strategies and solutions to reach net zero goals, including integration of energy storage solutions, the production and transportation of hydrogen, and the integration of CO2 capture and compression technologies.

SGT-750 Gas Turbine Hits New Milestones

In recent years, oil and gas operators across the supply chain have faced increased pressure to improve efficiency and minimize environmental impacts. To help meet these challenges, the SGT-750 industrial gas turbine has been frequently selected for power generation and mechanical drive applications. Designed to incorporate the size and weight advantages of an aeroderivative gas turbine, the SGT-750 maintains the robustness and flexibility of heavy-duty models. With industry leading fuel-efficiency, single digit emissions down to low part load operation, 68,000 operating hours to a first major overhaul and a service plan with only 17 maintenance days in 17 years, the turbine has become a popular option in oil and gas applications. 


SGT 750 turbine

A lower carbon footprint for Canadian gas plant

The Pipestone Processing Facility, owned by Keyera Partnership, is lowering its carbon footprint with the use of high-efficiency centrifugal compressors and a 40-megawatt industrial gas turbine. The facility, located in Alberta, Canada, also utilizes a refrigeration train that consists of an electric motor-driven DATUM compressor with a variable frequency drive. The project is the first application of the SGT-750 for a gas processing plant in North America. The turbine can achieve single-digit NOₓ emission levels down to a 20% load and the compression train includes a waste heat recovery unit. These factors will enhance processing efficiency and further contribute to reducing the plant’s carbon footprint.  

Moving natural gas in Mexico

Mexican midstream operator Fermaca uses three pipeline compressor trains driven by SGT-750 gas turbines to transport natural gas at its El Encino compression station. As an important bridge fuel for the energy transition, the pipeline will transport natural gas from Waha, Texas, to power plants and industrial parks in Chihuahua, Coahuila and Durango, as well as to central and western Mexico. This project marks the first installation where an SGT-750 is being used as a mechanical drive unit coupled with our high efficiency pipeline compressors. 

Our extensive experience in supporting midstream applications all over the world is a testament to the technical capabilities of our equipment, as well as our ability to ensure smooth, on-time delivery and execution. The high efficiency of our compressors, coupled with the low-emissions profile and industry-leading fuel efficiencies of our gas turbines enable midstream operators to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and achieve a lower carbon footprint.

Thorbjörn Fors

Siemens Energy


Rotating Machinery Trains for Gas Compression

We provide fully integrated gas turbine and electric motor driven compression trains for midstream applications including natural gas transmission in pipelines and gas storage. Both the gas turbine and electric motor driven compression trains are designed to be modular. The standardized configurations meet industry design specifications as well as the needs of gas transmission system operators while providing the flexibility to add options based on specific requirements.


Our Gas Turbines for gas transmission and storage applications are offered in the range from 5 to 41 MW (SGT-100 to SGT-750) fulfilling the need for high efficiency, reliability, flexibility, and environmental compatibility. They are designed to be flexible and sustainable by utilizing increasing amounts of H2 in the fuel mix (up to 100%) and integrate with carbon capture systems. They offer low lifecycle costs and an excellent return on investment. 

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We offer variable speed motor driven trains with speed control provided by variable frequency drives or through mechanical/electro-mechanical variable speed machines. For motors, VFDs and gears, we optimize equipment selection to suit customer's needs in a supplier-neutral manner.

We offer a wide range of compressors with a choice of axial intake or conventional horizontally opposed suction and discharge nozzles. All designs allow for easy access to compressor internals without the need to remove piping. Each compressor’s aerodynamic assembly is custom engineered to maximize efficiency and operating range. With up to 91% polytropic efficiency, our pipeline compressors are second to none in the industry. We also offer several value adding options such as variable inlet guide vanes to increase the range of the compressor map and duct resonator arrays for minimizing noise at the source. 


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CJ Express Pipeline

Siemens Energy is committed to helping midstream operators like Midcoast Energy achieve their decarbonization goals by leveraging the latest advancements in rotating equipment and digitalization to reduce emissions and operating costs from pipeline compression stations.