Onshore Solutions for Oil and Gas Operations

Harnessing data for enhanced performance

Next-level oil and gas production solutions

The ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) is driving the rapid pace of digital adoption across multiple industries. The oil and gas industry is beginning a transformation of its own, increasingly looking toward data-driven solutions to boost performance, enhance efficiency and ultimately, to reduce costs. Siemens Energy helps customers optimize the performance of critical oil and gas assets and equipment. We draw on an extensive software portfolio, deep expertise in data analytics and extensive experience in oil and gas and other industries.

Experience – Customer centricity – Portfolio – Digitalization – Sustainability.


With our deep process insights and our solution families, we take responsibility for customer success beyond Siemens Energy equipment and support the industry on the path to a lower carbon footprint. We are integrating solutions for our customers for the past 20 years.


Our domain know-how and close customer ties in the regions are our strong lever for supporting the success of our customers. We are tailoring our solutions, depending on customer requirements, and are driving future oriented, sustainable solutions, which extend from electrification, to automation and data driven applications for onshore. Our vendor agnostic mindset makes us unique and make the difference in our customers’ entire value chain.

Denis Voloder

Vice President Global Onshore Solutions at Siemens Energy

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