Download: MVDC PLUS - Medium Voltage Direct Current Managing the future grid

Presented at: German Kuhn (Bernd Niemann)

Germany and many countries in the world are facing a transition in transmission and distribution systems, due to the change from centralized energy produced in power plants to decentralized and local energy produced by renewables. This leads to several new requirements for modern energy supply systems and thus the design and operation of the network becomes more complicated. The future electricity infrastructure has to fulfill new tasks like bidirectional power transfer, active management of power quality and ensuring grid stability as well as bridging longer distances. The innovative Medium Voltage Direct Current (MVDC) technology based on Siemens PLUS technology helps to tackle these challenges. The new transmission solution is based on HVDC PLUS technology and combines the advantages of an MMC such as fast control of active and reactive power, low converter losses with a compact footprint for reduced costs.