Journey to Hydrogen Co-firing

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Length: 1 hour

Hydrogen as a fuel is not a new concept, but the plan for the exponential growth of this fuel will be a dramatic change that will have impacts that touch the entire energy chain.  Chances are Hydrogen has been at least discussed at your plant, or perhaps even made its way into some planning discussions.  What does that mean for your equipment?

The 9th ERA Forum session, “Journey to Hydrogen Co-firing” follows the full hydrogen cycle from production through storage and filtration, to mixing and co-firing combustion.  Listen to experts talk about the integrated hydrogen solution and find the answers to these questions:  How can you produce hydrogen on site?  What do you need to do to prepare to burn hydrogen in your gas turbine?  How will your gas turbine react to different concentrations of hydrogen, and what are some of those thresholds?  Tune in and let us take you one step further in the journey to hydrogen co-firing.

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