Path to Low-Carbon Fossil Power Generation

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Length: 60 minutes

Path to Low-Carbon Fossil Power Generation

A heavy focus has been placed on decarbonization targets and the technologies needed to meet those goals. While renewables continue to grow in the energy portfolio, gas-fired generation is still required to deliver stability and security to energy consumers through the net zero transition. But the global pressure for GHG emission reduction poses new challenges to power plant operators. This brings up two important questions:  "What can we do to improve the power plants of today?" and "How can we improve the power plants of tomorrow?"   

In the 15th ERA Forum Webinar, speakers from Siemens Energy present technologies for capturing carbon from today's gas-fired power plants, as well as discussing Siemens Energy's advanced class 9000HL gas turbine.      

Watch the recording of this webinar to get answers on how to capture carbon emissions and how to achieve beyond 64% efficiency!   

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