Webinar: Managing Energy Assets

How to Navigate Uncertainty

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Length: 60 minutes

As the energy transition accelerates, industry participants are finding it challenging to optimize returns on investments. From the decarbonization of energy production to markets with diminishing trading intervals, the pressure is on asset owners to constantly evaluate, assess, and optimize their asset or portfolio performance.

How can you navigate these uncertain times?  How can the right partner help you manage risks and identify the right opportunities?  

This complex challenge can be resolved by combining technical and operational know-how with commercial and financial drivers. To facilitate solution development, establishing partnerships as early as possible in the decision-making process is critical.  This allows a holistic evaluation of new technologies or modifications to existing ones, advanced system modeling, market forecasts and bidding strategies with the end goal of top- and bottom-line optimization.

In the 17th ERA Forum webinar Siemens Energy experts discuss how to achieve business targets such as profit growth, revenue increase, cost reduction and overall asset performance optimization. 

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