April 17, 2022
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First Sensformer Advanced in Latin America (Brazil)

Siemens Energy and Casa dos Ventos, one of the pioneers and largest investors in the development of wind projects in Brazil, signed a memorandum of understanding for the supply of Latin America’s first Sensformer® Advanced, digitally enabled power transformers, in 2019. As of November 2021, these transformers are now in operation at the substation of the Rio do Vento wind farm expansion, digitally connected to an exclusive and secure online platform. They provide valuable real-time information and allow digital twin simulations to maximize the transformers’ health and extend their lifecycles.

The way to efficient and cost-effective power generation by wind energy

Casa dos Ventos is one of the largest investors in the development of wind projects in Brazil. The company is involved in around 30% of all active projects. Thus, the partnership between Siemens Energy and Casa dos Ventos is intended to drive development of innovative solutions to make power generation by wind energy in Brazil more efficient and cost-effective. 

Innovation through digitalization is an aspect of value creation that we are working on intensively,

assures Lucas Araripe

Head of New Businesses at Casa dos Ventos

Energy from the Rio do Vento wind farm is intended for the free market, where large consumers negotiate directly with electricity producers.

Initiatives like this, which we are carrying out in collaboration with Siemens Energy, make our plants even more efficient and allow us to supply energy to our customers at a more competitive price,

Lucas Araripe added

Siemens Energy Brazil delivered Sensformer®Advanced power transformers for the Rio do Vento wind farm in Brazil

The complete Rio do Vento onshore wind farm, including two phases, in the state of Rio Grande do Norte in Brazil will count with 240 wind turbines and a total installed capacity of 1,038 MW, enough to supply the equivalent of 1.5 million homes with renewable energy. This will make it one of the largest onshore wind power projects in the world. The first phase went into operation in July 2021. The second phase of Rio do Vento is scheduled to start operating in 2023.

As of November 2021, the first two Siemens Energy Sensformer® Advanced are now online and fully operational, connected to an exclusive and secure online platform where the customer can access real-time information and utilize digital twin intelligence.

The online data management system provides real-time access to critical data such as loadings, aging forecasts, temperatures, and dissolved gas concentrations within the insulation oil of the transformers, thereby enabling early fault detection with automated alarms and providing maximum transparency for the customer regarding actual conditions of their assets. Moreover, digital twin intelligence allows the transformers’ operating parameters to be virtually tapped and simulated under different load conditions. 

Sensformer® Advanced increases transparency and improves operational management in wind industry

With the delivery of this solution, we are not only positioning ourselves at the forefront of digital transformation of wind energy supply, but we are also taking another step in joint development of customer-specific solutions via a very successful collaboration with Casa dos Ventos,

says Danilo Bezerra

General Manager of Siemens Energy Transformers in Brazil

This project lays the foundation for the further expansion of wind energy in Brazil and the use of digital technologies in the energy sector. By using Sensformer® Advanced technology, transformer and grid data will be presented in a very transparent manner, allowing processes to be optimized and ensuring higher system reliability by quickly identifying potential risks.

This project is only the beginning in the expansion of the use of digital transformers in Latin America. There is more to come, since Siemens Energy Brazil has already sold over a dozen more Sensformer® Advanced in Brazil and the United States and these will soon be online as well.

Siemens Energy Transformer Business

For the future of our transformer business there is much to be excited about: the rising global demand for transmission products, the increasing focus on our environment, and the adaption of digital solutions that optimize grid performance.

Transformers play a crucial role to achieve a successful energy transition and create a sustainable, digital, and stable transmission grid. We started early to develop technologies that are actively shaping the path to a climate-friendly future.

Siemens Energy is best equipped to meet the upcoming challenge and be your leading industry partner. Discover our eco-friendly transformers, our grid stabilizing equipment, as well as our innovative ester solutions, our Pretact resiliency concept, and our Sensformer technology.