July 16, 2020
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Reference: Replacement of LP Turbine

Increase in Availability and Reliability

  • Product line: Front admission steam turbine (TuW-2)
  • Project type: Turbine Footprint
  • Year of completion: 2016

Project Description

The plant consists of a two casing extraction condensing front admission steam turbine (TuW-2) built by Siemens in the 70s driving a cracked gas compressor in an olefins plant. In 2015 Siemens was awarded a contract to replace the LP turbine which had reached the end of its lifetime. In addition, the original hydraulic control systems of the cracked gas train and the ethylene trains should be replaced by Siemens.

The objective of the customer to replace the LP turbine and the control systems was to increase availability and reliability of the trains for future years of operation.


The modernization was performed successfully in 2016 within scheduled time frame. The aged LP turbine was replaced with a new footprint turbine of the same type, keeping the existing foundation and piping interfaces for minimum shutdown time. Furthermore, the outdated control system was replaced by Siemens'  state-of-the-art SCAUT electronic control and protection system.

The successful completion of this project was based on the close cooperation with the customer as well as Siemens' comprehensive experience, technical expertise, and careful planning of the site activities.

Customer Value

Once the project was completed and the units returned to operation, the customer was provided with reduced risk of failure due to damage of the old turbine and improved reliability because of the new control and protection systems.

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