September 4, 2020
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Reference: SST-600 Footprint turbine

Increase Plant Reliability and Safety

  • Product line: SST-600 steam turbine
  • Project type: Turbine Footprint
  • Year of completion: 2020

Project Description

The customer operated a SST-600 steam turbine which was first commissioned in 2012. About 50.000 operating hours later, during the major overhaul in 2018, severe damages to the turbine were detected. In particular, the casing, the rotor, and the guide blade carrier were affected by erosion and corrosion.

Due to the negative impact of these damages on the turbine safety and the operation's reliability, the customer contacted Siemens Energy at the beginning of 2019 to find the most suitable solution.


Siemens Energy recommended installing an identical footprint turbine regarding dimensions and thermodynamic design to profit from the possibility of re-using existing spare parts, foundation, piping as well as the control and protection system. In order to prevent the turbine from repeated corrosion and erosion, the new footprint turbine was manufactured with enhanced material. 

Furthermore, the efficient replacement of a complete turbine leads to a decrease in downtime (well plannable conversion since no surprising repair works have to be expected) and, therefore, to significant cost savings. The customer agreed to the modernization, and the turbine has already been manufactured in Germany due to its size and weight.

Customer Value

With a crucial delivery time of approximately 15 months the project will be completed soon. The lifetime of the steam turbine will be extended, the risk of unplanned shutdowns will be minimized and the new material will serve as prevention from further damages.

Shown in below figure, considering production losses per day, the footprint concept is recommended as the most economical solution compared to turbine revamps and/or Overhaul & Repair.

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