August 17, 2022
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Increasing Operating Life & Efficiency - Turbine Footprint

New Casing and Diaphragms for 50-year Old FCC Main Blower Drive Turbine

  • IST Delaval Legacy
  • Ordered Q1 2022

Project Description

The customer had purchased (2) Delaval (Siemens Energy Demag Delaval Turbomachinery) extraction condensing drive turbines in the early 1970s, which have been operating for over 50 years in two different locations. The equipment train consisting of 4 bodies was key to plant production and needed to operate with enhanced reliability continuously. The customer recognized that efficiency had degraded after such a long operating life and deterioration over the years. So, a solution was needed to replace this turbine with new and durable hardware for improved reliability and efficiency. 


Siemens Energy presented various options to the client, including:

a) Complete replacement footprint turbine;

b) Repair of existing casing with new rotor and diaphragms;

c) New footprint casing and diaphragms while utilizing an existing spare rotor.  

The customer decided to purchase option (c) – new footprint casing and diaphragms, which provided the greatest economy and minimal technical and schedule risk in replacing the original Delaval turbine. Additionally, design provisions were incorporated to improve moisture removal in the low-pressure section as well as improved control with the replacement of all valve gear operating parts and inlet trip throttle valve. All this led to efficiency and reliability gains.

Customer Value

The selection of option (c) provided the greatest economic value in capital cost.  Additionally, with the use of an existing spare rotor, many in-house wearing parts can be utilized for future maintenance.  Lastly, the casing replacement easily extends the operating life of the Delaval turbine for another (25)+ years with improvements to reliability and efficiency.

Delaval Steam Turbine Design Rating:

InletExtractionExhaust PressurePowerSpeed
595 PSIG / 700° F40 PSIG4.0 “ HgA27,315 HP3600 RPM


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