May 5, 2022
6 min read

It’s not just a time for action. It’s a time for interaction.

Sir David King on the importance of partnerships between every stakeholder – and every generation – to achieve decarbonization goals

No single organization has all the solutions to combat climate change. We cannot succeed in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by working in silos.

A situation of this magnitude demands collaboration between all parties, sometimes even between competitors. It demands partnerships between the visionaries who foresaw the crisis, today's experts and tomorrow's innovators.

I believe there's much more collaboration happening. But there's not nearly enough.

Sir David King

Cambridge University Professor, Founder and Chair of the Centre for Climate Repair at Cambridge

The size of the mission to reduce emissions

The CO₂ impact of the energy sector is far greater than that of every other sector combined.

It’s a huge responsibility, and an urgent challenge, to reduce this impact. But our potential for meeting this challenge is also huge, provided that the whole energy sector works together.

Global greenhouse gas emission by sector

Generations in synergy for cleaner energy

The climate crisis affects every generation – including the generations of the future. Everyone must play their part in reducing our carbon emissions.

Sir David King, Cambridge University professor and founder of the Centre for Climate Repair, has predicted the current crisis for many years. Young Siemens Energy engineer Amber O’Connor is working with a global team and has set up a venture to find revolutionary ways to fund renewable energy research, which is exactly what the Centre for Climate Repair at Cambridge does.

We need to get a grip on greenhouse gases

Though the dangers of greenhouse gases have been known for some time, emissions have actually been continuing to grow in recent years. The urgency of coming together to take effective action could not be clearer.

Global net anthropogenic GHG emission

Projects proving the power of partnerships

We already collaborate with countless companies around the world in a wide range of fields, achieve decarbonization. Here are just eight examples, from the marine sector to hydrogen production, from eFuels to heavy-industries: