December 12, 2018
2 min read

Sensformer® makes Vietnam future-ready

Digital connected Sensformer® units to be delivered to the Trung Nam Solar Park in Vietnam to ensure a reliable access for renewable energy to the grid. Trung Nam Construction Investment Corporation chose Siemens to be the partner of choice for the Trung Nam Solar Park project. Amongst many other products from Siemens 45 liquid immersed distribution transformers and two Sensformer® units will be delivered to Vietnam.

Largest solar farm in Vietnam

One important component of Vietnam’s current energy transition is solar energy. The country is building its first photovoltaic power plant, the Trung Nam Solar Power Plant. Siemens is delivering the so-called “electrical Balance of Plant” (eBoP) solution. The plant will have an output of 204 megawatts and will be the largest solar farm in the country. Once up and running, the solar park will generate between 401 million and 450 million kWh of electricity annually. The solar power plant will be built in the southern province of Ninh Tuan and will be completed in June 2019.   The customer, Trung Nam Construction Investment Corporation, was founded in 2004 as an investment company for the energy, infrastructure and real estate sectors. In the energy sector, the Vietnamese group has already relocated and modernized a 110-kV power transmission line and is investing in wind and hydro power plant projects.

From Transformer to Sensformer®

For the Trung Nam Solar Power Plant, Siemens will deliver 45 liquid immersed distribution transformers (33 kV / 5 MVA) and two units of power transformers (220 kV / 125 MVA). The power transformers will be equipped as Sensformer® units – the newly introduced product class of Siemens Transformers. The Sensformer® is equipped with intelligence and connectivity per default. The IoT gateway provides direct real-time measurements of data such as oil level, top oil temperature, LV winding current and GPS location. An app gives access to a cloud-based platform and provides real-time data and valuable insights on the assets’ status and performance.

Transformers as information-hubs

Thanks to Sensformer® and the access to real time data, companies such as Trung Nam Construction Investment Corporation can use their newly gained knowledge to simplify their asset management, enhance their operations and increase availability. Transformers are no longer a black box. “The Sensformer® turns transformers into information-hubs and will let the transformer operator know if any irregularities occur”, summarizes Dr. Beatrix Natter, CEO of Siemens Transformers.