September 24, 2020
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Reference: Front admission (SST-600) footprint turbine

How to replace aged steam turbines for improved plant reliability with minimum production loss

  • Warranty extension
  • Higher operational reliability
  • 13 months delivery time

Project Description

The customer, active in the oil refinery sector and the fuel and lubricant market, operated an old steam turbine (Type: TuW-2) first commissioned in 1969. After almost 50 years of operation, in 2018, substantial wear and tear was present on all turbine components. In order to restore the production and reliability of his turbine, the customer was interested in a footprint solution and contacted Siemens Energy because of a good relationship, technical expertise, and OEM know-how.


Since the customer wanted to re-use his spare parts (especially the available two spare rotors), it was mandatory from the beginning to fit the new turbine into the existing plant configuration and to minimize modifications on-site by re-using of foundation as well as the oil and seal system. To meet this objective, the chosen turbine type was a 1:1 copy of the original (TuW-2), manufactured with the same outer dimensions and flange connections for the shortest possible exchange on site. 

For reliability improvement, the footprint turbine was equipped with an upgraded Siemens electronic control and protection system (Omnivise-T3000). 

Customer Value

The turbine was manufactured in Germany, and after a crucial delivery time of about 13 months, the turbines were exchanged, and the project was completed. By reason of the footprint design, the production losses were kept at a minimum, and a reliable turbine operation was achieved. Furthermore, investment costs for new spare rotors were saved, and the warranty of the turbine was extended.

As shown in the figure below, considering production losses per day, the footprint concept was a better choice for the customer than a regular overhaul with required repairs of the aged machine.

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