Supplier Value Management

Collaboration and creating value along the entire supply chain

Becoming a Siemens Energy supplier


Quality, availability, productivity and digitalization along the whole Siemens Energy supply chain make a valuable contribution to our business success.

Your path towards becoming a Siemens Energy supplier

Quality, availability, productivity and digitalization along the whole Siemens supply chain make a valuable contribution to our commercial success. This is why we select our suppliers cross-functionally and with great care. They are among the best and most innovative in the marketplace, fulfill our minimum requirements and continue to develop faster than the market. In return, proven suppliers enjoy access to worldwide markets thanks to their collaboration with Siemens Energy, a global leader in energy transformation.

How to become Ready-for-Business (R4B)

The supplier registration and qualification process is conducted via our standardized company-wide IT application ARIBA. As a first step suppliers register, providing all their relevant details, and commit to compliance with our standards and principles for Sustainability in the Supply Chain, as documented in our Code of Conduct. Based on various criteria such as product/service portfolio, they then complete selected qualification modules. These include the Sustainabilty Self-Assessment (SSA) questionnaire and additional modules on Health and safety as well as on cyber security.

After their successful completion, Siemens Energy suppliers receive the status “Ready-for-Business” (R4B) and are permitted to participate in electronic invitations to tender and auctions.

How to become Ready-to-Order (R2O)

We set high standards for the integration of suppliers into our product or project lifecycle, as we expect our suppliers to deliver according to the same quality standards as our customers expect from us. This includes, for instance, the sustainable avoidance of quality risks and non-conformance costs, the promotion of innovation, digitalization and continuous improvement. If you confirm all these requirements, you can be qualified “Ready-to-Order” (R2O). After release of the technical specification by Siemens Energy, you can deliver your product portfolio.

How to become a strategic partner

In our selection process, we focus on suppliers whose performance and strategy are in line with our requirements. Accordingly, we evaluate and “segment” our supplier portfolio regularly based on standardized criteria such as collaboration, operational competences, integration, sustainability and business continuity. Depending on the results, suppliers can be classified as “Preferred suppliers” or “Strategic partners”. Together with them, we strive to establish a long-term partnership, and collaborate closely right from the early concept or development phase for new products or project solutions.