Offshore Solutions

Reliable solutions for offshore production
Integrating digital solutions into offshore oil and gas production

Offshore Solutions

The oil and gas industry is beginning a transformation of its own, increasingly looking toward data-driven solutions to boost equipment performance, enhance efficiency and ultimately, to reduce costs. With offshore solutions, we have multiple capabilities such as, Automation, Electrification and digitalization which gives us the ability to integrate into a fleet at any stage in the lifecycle journey and effectively develop a complementary digital roadmap.
A digital lifecycle approach for optimizing offshore Oil and Gas production

Topsides 4.0

With Topsides 4.0 we can help you answer any challenges you might experience, especially in a lower for longer oil price environment. Our engineered expertise is unrivaled in meeting the ever changing needs of EPCs and Owner Operators who are now rethinking how to manage the entire life-cycle of their assets. Siemens has developed Topsides 4.0- a comprehensive digital life-cycle approach designed to help offshore operators harness the full power of digital transformation for rotating equipment, electrical, instrumentation, and automation systems. This effectively enables our clients to maximize the performance of critical equipment, and do end-to-end asset optimization.

Solutions that power Deepwater production for FPSOs


Optimizing the lifecycle performance of floating, production, storage, and offloading (FPSO) vessels is highly contingent on the incorporation of topsides packages that can efficiently and reliably deliver the power to exploit resources in a range of water depths and operating conditions. At the same time, offshore operators must be cognizant of reducing emissions and minimizing the weight and footprint of topsides modules, the latter of which can substantially impact facility development costs.

Cost effective solutions for grid-level integration

Energy Storage Solutions

Siemens Energy Storage solutions promote on-demand, dispatchable renewable power, increase profitability during fluctuating demand, optimize on-site power sources, capitalize on peak loads (while reducing demand charges), increase conventional power plant flexibility, and provide operating reserves while improving the security of your energy supply. Our team uses innovative design and simulation tools to tailor an agnostic technology portfolio to your specific requirements. Siemens Energy Partnerships provide performance guarantees that future-proof your Energy Storage budget.

Enhancing Oil and Gas recovery in challenging environments

Subsea Solutions

The future of Oil and Gas recovery involves accessing increasingly complex reserves frequently located in deep and ultra-deep waters. Subsea processing opens the door to more cost-efficient developments – especially for long step-outs, and for marginal and dispersed fields. It requires enabling systems to improve recovery rates and minimize operating costs. Furthermore, it involves advanced supporting power supply and distribution technology.

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The oil and gas industry is increasingly looking toward data-driven solutions to boost performance, enhance efficiency and reduce costs. However, with Topsides 4.0 you are receiving a fully integrated digital lice cycle approach to rotating equipment and electrical and automation systems. The topsides digitalization package can have the biggest impact on your project cycle time, risk and OPEX. In this webcast we will outline the expected cost, schedule savings and emission reductions that can be realized through topsides digitalization and rotating equipment solutions.

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