PS Asset Integrity Manager® (PSAIM™)

Utilizing two separate software programs to manage critical equipment can be time consuming and ineffective for operating companies. PSAIM is a unique solution combining Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) with an Inspection Data Management System (IDMS) to effectively manage the inspection and reliability program of your process plant. PSAIM is the industry leading software for safety critical equipment, corrosion monitoring, fixed interval and risk-based inspection planning and scheduling, and remaining life calculations. Implementing PSAIM creates an easier and quicker inspection and condition monitoring solution, bringing immediate and invaluable benefits to your process plant and organization.


PSAIM 1.6 is here!

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Key Benefits and Features

  • Integrating RBI and IDMS functions in one software solution with time, condition and risk-based inspection planning​
  • Increase productivity and optimize cost through cloud delivery service options
  • Manage inspection plans, strategy and risk analysis with fully quantitative per API RP 581:2016
  • Quicker analysis where less data is available with semi-quantitative RBI assessments per industry best practices
  • Determine equipment integrity with minimum thickness calculations
  • Predict corrosion rates and remaining life by analyzing thickness data
  • Know which asset needs inspecting and when with access to 45+ standard scheduling reports
  • Manage inspection and audit history documentation in one central location
  • Save time with the ability to scan, store and easily transfer data with data loggers
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Ultra Plant Inspection of Piping & Equipment (UltraPIPE®)

UltraPIPE is a powerful inspection data management system (IDMS) for the organization, analysis, and documentation of inspection data in connection with corrosion monitoring.


UltraPIPE stores the thickness data at corrosion monitoring locations, performs a straight-line corrosion rate analysis and calculates the thickness retirement at thickness measurement locations. It takes the guesswork out of inspection planning by prioritizing equipment based on factual data analysis, trending and risk.

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Process Safety Asset Integrity Manager® (PSAIM™) Software as a Service