Excellent performance and outstanding efficiency

The H-class turbine was introduced nearly a decade ago and has now achieved a significant milestone with the 100th engine sold globally. With 88 turbines in operation on four continents and over 2.5 million fired hours, the SGT-8000H is the market leader in its class and delivers top performance that’s been setting benchmarks throughout the industry.

Since its launch, the output rating of the SGT5-8000H gas turbine has grown from 375 megawatt (MW) to 450 MW, with improvements in efficiency to over 62 percent in combined cycle operation. 

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Highlights of the SGT6-8000H gas turbine

In combined cycle operation, the SGT6-8000H gas turbine provides a power output of 450 MW and an efficiency of 62%. Its internal cooling air passages from compressor to turbine section ensure fast thermal response of the rotor in case of high load transients and fast cold starts. A gas turbine designed for short start-up times and high operational flexibility.

The SGT6-8000H can be easily integrated in single-shaft (SCC6-8000H 1S) or multi-shaft (SCC6-8000H 1x1, 2x1, or 3x1) combined cycle plants.

Our proven and validated package and plant concepts use standardization, preassembly and prepackaging to minimize field assembly and the need for piping fabrication during construction. This results in easy turbine installation and a shorter project duration. 

The blade design is based on proven materials and manufacturing processes, while incorporating latest aerodynamic technologies. Your benefit: high efficiency and reliability, as well as low outage risk.

Moderate firing temperatures allow the use of proven materials to boost reliability and keep maintenance low. 

Additionally, the SGT6-8000H has been optimized for short outages: Thanks to the Hirth-serrated rotor disk assembly and central tie rod, rotor maintenance and de-stacking can be done onsite. The turbine blades 1 and 4, and vane 1 can be removed without lifting the cover for quick and easy maintenance.

The gas turbine is capable of world-class fast cold starts and hot restarts due to the light and stiff rotor with internal cooling air passages, the advanced can annular combustion system and Hydraulic Clearance Optimization (HCO) active clearance control. You can achieve combined cycle base load within 30 min for hot starts.

Four stages of fast-acting variable-pitch guide vanes (VGV) will grant you optimized performance over a wide range of operating conditions, improved part load efficiency, low part load emissions, and high load transients.

Around 88 H-class gas turbines are in commercial operation, with more than 2.5 million fired hours.  


Ingenious design to the core

The rotor is based on self-centering and -aligning discs with Hirth serration and central tie rod, providing you with the advantage of on-site rotor maintenance. 

The advanced can annular combustion system creates a uniform temperature profile at the turbine entry, ensuring a high fuel flexibility and reliability of your gas turbine. Moderate firing temperatures allow the use of proven materials that improve reliability while reducing maintenance, leading to excellent availability.

Standardized design, flexible solutions

The SGT6-8000H package solution consists of the core turbine, an SGen6-100A generator (or optionally, an SGen6-2000H generator), and auxiliary systems. 

We offer you a standardized basic design with options geared to your specific requirements, as well as flexible solutions for short installation times and economic power generation. By grouping subsystems and installing them in separate auxiliary packages, we strive to minimize field assembly.

The gas turbine generator packages have a compact footprint designed for limited space requirements.

The SGT6-8000H fires up

Combined cycle power plants based on the SGT6-8000H (plant name: SCC6-8000H) are profitable solutions for competitive energy markets with fluctuating power demand. Featuring a fast-start capability, it will achieve combined cycle base load within 30 min for hot start (start-up gradient: 30 MW/min). High load gradients allow for fast load changes. With excellent peaking capabilities, and a high part load efficiency with emission compliance down to lower part load, the SGT6-8000H plants strike an optimal balance between capital costs, performance, and operational considerations. 

SGT6-8000H: Designed for short outages and easy maintenance

We offer Long Term Programs (LTP), overhaul services, field service, spare parts, reconditioning of components and modernization upgrades. Whether scheduled service or short-term support, our specialists are there for you, on-site all over the world. 

The SGT6-8000H generator package is optimized for short outages. On-site rotor maintenance, including rotor de-stacking and balancing, eliminates the need for a spare rotor as well as transport costs for workshop maintenance. All compressor blades are replaceable without rotor de-stack or lift. 

Fuel flexibility matters

The SGT6-8000H gas turbines are capable of firing a wide range of fuel gas, and fuel oil; as well as a wide range of non-standard fuels like LNG, syngas, low-calorific gases (low-BTU gases), naphta, condensate and others. The engines, equipped with DLE burners, can use up to 30 vol% of hydrogen (H2).

Designed to meet stringent environmental requirements

The SGT6-8000H gas turbine uses the can annular combustion system to successfully run in base and part-load operation while still complying with NOX and CO regulations.


NOX emissions: ≤ 25 ppmvd on fuel gas (without water injection, at 15%O2)

NOX emissions: ≤ 42 ppmvd on fuel oil (with water injection, at 15%O2)

Technical data

Technical data for the SGT6-8000H

Performance data for simple cycle power generation

NOₓ emissions at 15% O₂ at ISO ambient conditions.

SCC6-8000H: Performance data for combined cycle power plant

Physical dimensions and weight


The SGT6-8000H is suitable for the following applications and industries:


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Proven in commercial operation: SGT6-8000H reference highlights

Around 88 H-class turbines are in commercial operation, with more than 2.5 million fired fleet hours.  
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