Condition Monitoring and Machinery Protection

Power plant using Condition Monitoring and Machinery Protection from Siemens
Condition Monitoring and Machinery Protection in a power plant

up to

1 %
  • reduced maintenance costs*

  • and increased operating life up to 30%*

  • *Based on public studies; individual results may vary

Real-time insights into assets' insides

Machinery protection, forecasting and increase of asset availability through condition monitoring

Siemens Diagnostic Monitoring and Protection are part of the Omnivise Availability suite and cover condition monitoring solutions, machinery protection solutions and machinery diagnostic services as well as other related services. It consists of hardware components and software tools for data analytics relying on sensors. Continuous condition monitoring is the corner stone of transparency on the functioning of processes and aggregates. It is also called anomaly detection and does not only reveal deviations from normal behavior, but also indicates what is happening, when and where.

Machinery Protection - Highest safety and availability of your plant assets

The Machinery Protection system VIB3000 is fully redundant, scalable and is thus designed to provide extremely high fault tolerance. Safety levels for the system are extremely high thanks to its three fully implemented redundancy nodes. The machinery protection system can be integrated into the Siemens I&C and supports configuration from the plant DCS. PROFIBUS and MODBUS interfaces are available and can replace 0/4…20mA interfaces. The technology implemented into Machinery Protection also features digitalization throughout the system, “voting” within the system (on-board-voting) and short response time.


The main objective of the Siemens machinery protection system (VIB3000) is to fulfill safety and availability targets without compromise by protecting the machine and the environment from the consequences of machine failure.

Vibration Monitor - The only machinery diagnostic system with genuine early warning 

Vibration Monitor (also formerly known as VIBROCAM 5000) is the solution for condition monitoring and machinery analysis as well as machinery diagnostics of rotating equipment of in power plants. 


Vibration monitoring and detection of abnormal machine behavior at the earliest possible point in time enables cost-effective maintenance-planning. By sensitive diagnostic condition monitoring, Siemens Vibration Monitor provides information on possible mechanical causes of abnormal behavior (unbalance, bearing damage, incorrect alignment, cracks and loose parts). The solution includes all tools used for machinery analysis and diagnostics and thus for determining the causes of asset health issues. Siemens Vibration Monitor is the only genuine early warning system for abnormal machinery conditions that can be integrated into the main Siemens SPPA-T3000 control system. Vibration Monitor enhances machine availability, makes plant availability more predictable and cuts maintenance costs.


Notable features are:

  • maximum possible measurement accuracy through rotor-triggered data acquisition
  • maximum sensitivity to changes, using up to 1,000 automatically derived limit values per vibration measuring point (machine learning)
  • comprehensive condition monitoring for current and historic machine health at constant and transient operation
  • a unique archiving concept with event-oriented storage of complete data sets and tools for automated data interpretation and
  • numerous additional data analysis functions including statistical assessments or transient recorder functionality

To consistently implement condition-based maintenance strategies, in-depth knowledge of the power plant assets’ condition is required. Siemens Vibration Monitor offers vibration analysis for any kind of turbines (Siemens or other manufacturers), any kind of fan (induced-draft, forced-draft), any kind of pump (feed water, condensate, cooling water), compressors, hydro-generators, gearboxes, electric motors, conveyor drives, etc. as well as for any kind of DCS (Siemens or third-party).

Anomaly Monitor - Early anomaly detection through condition monitoring

Siemens Anomaly Monitor, also part of the Omnivise Fleet Management solution is a  system for continuous condition monitoring of individual assets, entire power plants or a whole fleet in steady-state and transient operating condition with focus on processes. Early detection of anomalies avoids high repair costs and protects assets by preventing machine failures and also. Through asset diagnostic technology, Anomaly Monitor provides deep insights into the conditions of plant assets and consolidates relevant information on fleet-wide monitoring screens. Anomaly Monitor uses machine learning algorithms to train the normal behavior of an asset or process from historical data of related measurements. For each asset to be monitored, one or more databased models can be created and trained. After models have been trained and learned the normal behavior of the respective asset, data gathered through condition monitoring gets continuously compared with what is expected based on the training data. This happens within reasonable cycle times, normally in the seconds range. Consequently, the user is informed extremely fast in the case of any deviations from the normal values.


Anomaly Monitor provides functions that support the workflow from model creation, data handling to continuous condition monitoring:

  • Correlation Analysis
  • State estimation (core Anomaly Monitor algorithms)
  • Rules
  • Sensor validation
  • Computed Sensors
  • Events (alarms)
  • Data Output (Estimation Results, Residuals)

Machinery Diagnostic Services

Based on the vibration analysis the Siemens Diagnostic Services team combines in-depth analytics with years of domain expertise to provide you with most reliable information on the health condition of your assets. Regular status and event-based reports indicate what is happening when and where. Detailed reports with recommendations from experienced Siemens diagnostic experts support you in planning corrective actions and thus cutting operating costs.


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