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VIB3000 Platform for Integrated Machinery Protection, Online Condition Monitoring and Vibration Analysis

Siemens Energy offers condition monitoring solutions, machinery protection solutions and machinery diagnostic services as well as other related services. They consist of hardware components and software tools for data analytics relying on sensors. Continuous condition monitoring is the corner stone of transparency on the functioning of processes and aggregates. It is also called anomaly detection and does not only reveal deviations from normal behavior, but also indicates what is happening, when and where.

VIB3000 Machinery Protection for utmost safety and highest availability

VIB Machinery Protection
CM500 Condition Monitoring
Machinery Diagnostic Services

VIB3000 Machinery Protection - Highest safety and availability of your plant assets

The Machinery Protection System VIB3000 supports individual redundancy philosophies by offering redundancy at all levels, sensor connections, signal processing, voting and DCS uplinks.

Depending on the desired solution, VIB3000’s firmware, Profibus communication, output relays and output analogs can be SIL-1 certified. Another option is a non-SIL version with extended connectivity. The machinery protection system can be integrated into the Siemens Energy I&C and supports configuration from the plant DCS. PROFIBUS and MODBUS interfaces are available and can replace 0/4…20mA interfaces. The technology implemented into Machinery Protection also features digitalization throughout the system, “voting” within the system (on-board-voting) and short response time.

The main objective of the Siemens Energy VIB3000 Machinery Protection system is to fulfill safety and availability targets without compromise by protecting the machine and the environment from the consequences of machine failure.

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VIB3000 Machinery Protection

VIB3000 Machinery Protection helps to protect assets and personnel

CM500 Condition Monitoring - The only machinery diagnostic system with genuine early warning 

CM500 Condition Monitoring (also known as Vibroexpert CM500) is the solution for condition monitoring and machinery analysis as well as machinery diagnostics of rotating equipment of in power plants.  

Vibration monitoring and detection of abnormal machine behavior at the earliest possible point in time enables cost-effective maintenance-planning. By sensitive diagnostic condition monitoring, CM500 Condition Monitoring provides information on possible mechanical causes of abnormal behavior (unbalance, bearing damage, incorrect alignment, cracks and loose parts). The solution includes all tools used for machinery analysis and diagnostics and thus for determining the causes of asset health issues.

Depending on the actual process situation, CM500 monitors vibration characteristic parameters by comparing current vibration indicators with up to 64 different sets of reference values and limits.

This kind of precision allows CM500 to detect anomalies at the earliest.

To consistently implement condition-based maintenance strategies, in-depth knowledge of the power plant assets’ condition is required. CM500 Condition Monitoring offers vibration analysis for any kind of turbines (Siemens Energy or other manufacturers), any kind of fan (induced-draft, forced-draft), any kind of pump (feed water, condensate, cooling water), compressors, hydro-generators, gearboxes, electric motors, conveyor drives, etc. as well as for any kind of DCS (Siemens Energy or third-party).

Download Technical description about CM500 Condition Monitoring

CM500 Condition Monitoring

CM500 Condition Monitoring provides information on possible mechanical causes of abnormal behavior

Machinery Diagnostic Services

Based on the vibration analysis the Siemens Energy Diagnostic Services team combines in-depth analytics with years of domain expertise to provide you with most reliable information on the health condition of your assets. Regular status and event-based reports indicate what is happening when and where. Detailed reports with recommendations from experienced Siemens Energy diagnostic experts support you in planning corrective actions and thus cutting operating costs.

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Expert support for machinery diagnostics

Expert support for machinery diagnostics

Proven project experience all over the world

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Customers around the globe rely on VIB3000 Machinery Protection and CM500 Condition Monitoring from Siemens Energy.

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VIB3000 Machinery Protection - Highest safety and availability of your plant assets
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