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Let the digital transformation journey begin

It starts right here with Omnivise – a suite of people-led, future-focused, digitally enabled solutions. Every solution is customized to your needs so you can better operate, analyze, and optimize your plant - one name, many solutions, measurable results.

As market and technology demands change and we move toward digitally automated operations, new challenges arise. With over 170 years of experience and a rich history of plant optimization, Siemens Energy is excited to help lead this change with our suite of control and digital solutions.

The changing energy landscape comes with various challenges

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Operational flexibility

Trying to balance baseload power with emerging renewable sources is getting tougher every day. 

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Aging workforce

Operators are retiring. Training new people on older systems is getting more and more difficult. 

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Emission regulations

Keeping up with new emission regulations without major investments is a challenge for all plant operators.

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Cybersecurity compliance

Operators need to protect their plants against cyber attacks. Documenting compliance according to all legal requirements is a must nowadays.

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Your path to plant autonomy

Omnivise does more than optimize your plant's performance, it also helps to prepare you for future of the industry... the autonomous plant.

In the articles below you can find different approaches how Siemens Energy is paving the way to unmanned plant operation in the future. 

Watch our webinar "Journey to unmanned plant operation" to learn more about the Leipheim project in Germany.

Industry insights

As we transition to the digital age, Siemens Energy helps you stay on top of the latest industry news, trends, and technologies.

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