Power Diagnostics® Services (PDS) Live Package

Power Diagnostics® Services (PDS) Live is a real time monitoring and diagnostics service offered by Siemens Energy.

This service was designed to address the day to day operational challenges that can impact plant operability by helping to potentially reduce trips and unplanned shutdown events. It also provides assistance intended to help decrease return to service time if an event occurs. A mobile application is included with the service which provides access to live data and push notifications, allowing increased visibility to Power Diagnostics® insights and fleet operation.


More than 80% of trips and failed starts occur in less than 24 hours from symptom onset

PDS Live is designed to assist the site by identifying detectable symptoms that could potentially lead to an unplanned event in less than 24 hours (“rapid issues”). PDS Live streams real time data to PDC Headquarters and uses new state of the art real time technology to detect rapid issues. PDS Live was developed specifically to address challenges that threaten Prime Mover Reliability.


Available for Large Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines, and associated Generators. 

PDS Live Package Features

Live Actionable Insights & Reporting

The Power Diagnostics® Center (PDC) is staffed 24/7 to enable rapid response to real time anomaly detection alerts which could lead to an unplanned shutdown or downtime event within 24 hours. Either the assigned Monitoring & Diagnostics (M&D) engineer or the on-call engineer evaluates the real time anomaly alert to determine if there is a potential for a trip or an unplanned shutdown event.


One of the distinct advantages of Siemens Energy PDS Live is the M&D engineer has ready access to service and design engineers. Together, they identify potential causes of detected anomalies and communicate actionable insights & recommendations directly to the on-site operators.


These recommendations provide an impactful solution and may include communication of focused inspections to identify equipment issues, maintenance and/or operational insights. 

Proactive Assistance for Events

The PDC responds to event alerts and a M&D Engineer offers assistance which is intended to address the issue to help reduce downtime from the event. The M&D engineer utilizes analytical tools, their domain specialization and support from the wider Siemens Energy network to bring the unit back online as soon as possible.

Mobile App with Live Data Feed & Visualization

The PDS Live features in the Omnivise mobile application help plant personnel assess the plant’s key operational indicators, from any location by providing asset data and notifications in real time.


Live visualization1 of existing raw real time sensor data for the last 24 hours is included in the app. Push notifications are used to notify the user of PDS Live events at the plant. The mobile application also provides the user access to Live Actionable Insights & Recommendation reports, which can be quickly shared directly through the mobile application to the asset management team to support the decision making process and actions needed to remedy the rapid issue.


1 Data visualization is dependent on connectivity to site and the real time sensor data recording list, an agreed to list of sensors between the site and Siemens Energy for the PDS Live Package.

PDS Live assists the site with insights that are intended to provide the following benefits:

PDS Live Package builds upon PDS Basic Features

PDS Basic Package is the foundation for the PDS Live Package and is designed to minimize unplanned shutdown events for issues that may occur greater than 24 hours after a detectable symptom.


The primary goal of PDS Basic is Core Asset Protection & Equipment Integrity. The PDS Basic Package protects your asset against unplanned events or equipment damage which could increase maintenance cost or result in lost generation.


Available for Large Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines, and Generators, HRSGs. Also available for Synchronous Condensers and Coal & Nuclear Steam Turbines and associated Generators. 

Features that come with PDS Basic Package monitoring:


  • Anomaly detection & Reporting
  • Fleet Statistics and Benchmarking
  • 24/7 PDS Hotline & Access to Siemens Energy Experts
  • Access to PDS Basic features in a Web App
  • Customer requested Operational Analysis