Services for High-Voltage Systems for Substations

High-voltage product services from Siemens Energy

High-voltage switchgears of up to

0 kV
  • are serviced by Siemens Energy Transmission Service

High-voltage product services

Lasting availability and efficiency for high-voltage products and switchgears

High-voltage products and switchgears are key for every power network. Their fault-free operation is essential for a reliable power supply. But even the best technology can be significantly affected by aging and wear. That’s why we offer a full range of services from reviews and consulting, planned maintenance and inspections, repair services and spare parts to modernizations and extensions. All kind of services are not limited to Brand Siemens Energy only, as we provide solutions for many other brands (e.g. TRENCH, former VATECH group etc)

Make the most of your high-voltage products

High-voltage equipment and other energy infrastructure typically last well beyond its warranty period. More than 2,000 Siemens Energy employees around the world are ready to support your equipment throughout its entire useful life, ensuring best performance, highest availability and efficiency for your machines and systems as well as a secure and stable power supply for decades.


Our services include operation and maintenance, repair and retrofit, final disposal and more. Additionally, we can help you proactively care for your equipment, providing failure-free operations, reducing costs for downtime or other non-productive periods and extending useful life. We offer a wide array of condition monitoring solutions for 24/7 surveillance of your devices, with early warning of possible problems. Additionally, our asset management and consulting services support you in an efficient use of your budget.

Why Maintenance?

Electric power is key in our modern live. High voltage assets transmit power to our factories, transportation systems, hospitals, offices and of course our homes. If they fail, consequences can be severe.

Why Diagnostics?

WHY is increasing the reliability through non-invasive diagnostics so important? 
Permanently growing energy demand leads to longer usage of equipment. If diagnostics or maintenance will not be carried out, a power failure can occur​.


Highlight services for long lasting high-voltage products

Siemens Energy offers you an innovative and comprehensive service portfolio for your high-voltage products. Take a closer look at some of our numerous offerings.

Smart Spares Consulting for AIS and GIS

High operational availability of switchgears is key to a reliable supply of electrical energy. The revenue streams of our customers are highly dependent on their uninterrupted energy supply capabilities. Any outage time caused by unexpected failures needs to be minimized to keep outage costs as well as reputational damage to an absolute minimum. Therefore, the availability of suitable spare parts becomes highly significant.
‘Smart Spares Consulting’ provides a:

  • smart
  • efficient
  • co-created &
  • sustainable 

approach to determine just the essential strategic spares for our customers. We leverage Siemens Energy’s domain knowledge as OEM and actively involve customer experts to contribute operational requirements of their own power network. If desired, ‘Smarts Spares Consulting’ can also incorporate already existing spares in customer’s warehouses to make best use of previous investments.
Benefits for our customer will be:

  • Minimized total cost of spares 
  • Maximized responsiveness for repair and quickest restoration of operation
  • Minimized outage times and associated outage costs
  • Greater resilience against crisis

Gas density monitoring for gas isolated switchgears

Recent European and North American legislation has focused on greenhouse gases such as SF6, with the target of reducing emissions to 0.5% per annum. As a result, gas density monitoring is essential to improve leakage visibility, notwithstanding the superior performance of modern gas isolated switchgear (GIS). Siemens Energy Assetguard GDM takes care of the actual SF6 gas condition and support managing a more dynamic and extensive network where conventional routine inspections are not viable. Features are for example:

  • ­Single line diagram view for easy localization
  • ­Gas density measurement with high accuracy, recognition of trends and prediction of intervention dates
  • ­Overall SF6 gas inventory
  • Data storage for expert analysis
  • Alarm forwarding to Siemens Energy Customer Support Center

ISCM- Integrated Substation Condition Monitoring

The on-premises solution for all your assets!

The Siemens Energy ISCM integrates all the different Condition Monitoring Systems of your network into a single application (Fleet Monitoring), allowing the end user to inspect the health of their primary assets in one place.


The clear-cut user interface allows ISCM to inform you promptly about the health of your assets. Even without any knowledge of the underlaying expert systems, every operator will have a clear understanding if maintenance or operational actions are needed to safeguard the assets.

Key benefit

Flexible integration of different online Monitoring Systems
  • Fleet Monitoring: One monitoring platform on the substation level as well as the enterprise Level 
  • Flexible integration of different online monitoring systems of all your assets
  • Totally scalable
  • Many industrial standard protocols available
  • Gateway for other applications e.g. EAM/APM or cloud solutions
Service overview

Wide-ranging services that keep your HV products fit

To achieve a long lifetime of 50 years or more for your high-voltage products and switchgear, it is necessary to follow OEM maintenance and service recommendations. With over 160 years of OEM experience and nearly 50 years of OEM experience in the field of HV equipment, we are a partner you can trust. 

High-voltage product services in action

We successfully deliver fast, competent and reliable product support for high-voltage switchgears and devices wherever it’s needed.