An inclusive world is a better world.

Listen respectfully, learn from others, and we'll all mutually benefit from our differences.

Proudly Energizing Society

Making a positive difference for society is what we stand for, and our purpose to energize society does not stop with our energy technologies. At Siemens Energy, we believe in the power of a more inclusive world – a world where negative biases are recognized and stopped, and where discrimination is no longer present. Allies play an important role in achieving a truly inclusive culture, and with a little more knowledge and understanding, we can all be better allies. That’s why we asked some of our PRIDE @ SE employees to address common misconceptions about the LGBTQIA+ community. Even small changes in the way we think about inclusion and act can energize society in new and positive ways. Let’s make tomorrow different today.

Hear from Mario: Why do you feel the need to come out at work?



When I feel free to be exactly who I am in the workplace, my energy and focus go where they need to go: my activities, my relationships with my colleagues and customers, and my results.


Coming out at work shouldn't be a problem, because being gay is a characteristic that does not define me, it complements me.

"A better tomorrow would be a tomorrow where this agenda is no longer discussed, and not because it is not important... but because we will have reached a stage of maturity as a society that will allow us to understand and respect everyone, without exception. Let's make tomorrow different today." 
Mario M.

Nicole addresses the misconception that being gay is a choice.





I don’t see it as a decision, but as a normal fact that I simply realized and lived.  


There are many areas in life where we aren't consciously making a choice. Sometimes, things are simply as they are. 

"A better tomorrow would be a tomorrow where being part of the LGBTQIA+ community is seen as nothing special or different, but simply the way it is. Let's make tomorrow different today." 
Nicole K. 

Sam responds to this common hurtful question: Why do you have to be so obvious about it?




I have to be "obvious" about it, because not everybody can. We need to be out and proud for those who are unable or are too afraid to be.


As a transgender person, I had to be open during my transition. There was no chance to hide the obvious.  

"A better tomorrow would be a tomorrow where all trans people find themselves in a supporting and inclusive working environment, especially while transitioning. Let's make tomorrow different today." 
Sam H.

What Rodrigo wants to say to those who claim to not be homophobic because they "have a gay friend."





Having a gay friend doesn’t mean you don't exhibit homophobic behavior.


What's most important are your views regarding the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community, and that you fully respect and support us for who we are.

"A better tomorrow would be a tomorrow where the entire world evolved into a better place for us, especially our transgender community. We literally can’t live this way anymore. Let's make tomorrow different today."
Rodrigo M.

Thorsten sets the record straight when he’s asked “why can’t you keep your personal life private?”  




Because I am not a robot that has no personality or feelings. Like any other human being, I also like to share things that happen outside of my job. 


Every colleague that is a mother or father loves to tell me all about their kids and family. Should they also stop doing so? The answer is no, and I should be able to share my whole self as well. 


"My wish for tomorrow is that society should not assume that the way of life is the same for everyone, even within the LGBTQIA+ community. Being open to learning about new perspectives, ideas and identities would help us better understand each other. Let’s make tomorrow different today."  
Thorsten J.

“You don’t look or act gay." Here’s what Andres thinks about that offensive statement.  

While this may sound like a compliment, it is not. It perpetuates a stereotype about what it means to be gay (this also applies to our bisexual, lesbian, or transgender brothers and sisters). We are as diverse and different as the rest of the population. 


Acceptance should be rooted in appreciating what we all contribute to society as individuals, rather than what we look like, how we are perceived, or whether we fit in archaic social roles and norms. 

"It is my wish that we could embrace our own individualities and not focus on putting people in certain boxes that limit their own uniqueness. There is value in accepting us and others wholly for who we are, rather than for what we look like, how we behave, for whom we choose as a partner, or for how we choose to express our gender identity. Let's make tomorrow different today." 
Andres C.

Florencia explains why we need LGBTQIA+ resource groups at work.


All companies should aspire to be inclusive; however, as a society we are on different levels of evolution when it comes to gender issues. When it comes to LGBTQIA+, many organizations are still at the very beginning of this journey.


Resource groups help build inclusive communities, which leads to allyship and an organization that advocates for all employees being equal.

"My wish is for people to be curious about all aspects of gender and gender identity, and this curiosity should come from a place of tolerance and inclusivity. There are many aspects of gender identity that need our collective attention. There is no benefit to being unkind. Let’s out love hate, and make tomorrow different today." 
Florencia G.

Sam gets candid about how it can be hard being gay in the workplace. 




Inclusion isn’t a given, in some areas of the world we still see non-inclusive behavior toward homosexuals. 


Still, LGBTQIA+ employees should be treated just as well as any other and should be able to bring their whole self to work - no matter where in the world they work. The office should always be a gay-friendly place. 

“My wish for tomorrow is that everyone realizes they have the right to be an ally, just like everyone has a right to an inclusive place to work. Let's make tomorrow different today.” 
Sam M. 

We Choose to Include: LGBTQIA+ at Siemens Energy 

Up to one-third of a person's potential can be lost if the person is forced to hide key elements of their personality. That's why, at Siemens Energy, we encourage everyone to bring their whole self to work. Not only out of respect, but also because it makes us stronger, more creative, and more innovative. In this episode of our Passion for Energy Podcast, we talk to a colleague who hid a part of her life in the past - but now talks openly about it.

It takes minds from all segments of society to shape the energy of tomorrow


Siemens Energy believes inclusion and diversity creates more opportunity for success. It doesn’t matter the gender, age, ethnic background, sexual orientation, or disability - everyone has an equal part to play in energizing society.

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