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Creating the Energy of Tomorrow

Providing sustainable, reliable and affordable energy for all is how we energize society.

Energy is our global lifeblood; powering homes, operating transport systems and enabling industries to function. It sets our quality of life. But right now, we need to change how we acquire, store, distribute and use energy. To deliver the energy demands of tomorrow, our energy systems need to become more sustainable today.   

At Siemens Energy, we are poised to meet this enormous challenge. With our customer needs in clear focus and the power of our 91,000 employees, we intend to drive the energy transition with innovative solutions that will really make a difference.


Siemens Energy Ventures is the entrepreneurial heart of Siemens Energy. Founded in 2020, our laser sharp focus is the identification, launch and scaling of ventures with the potential to make a difference. We want to uncover and develop the game-changing solutions that will transform the energy systems for our customers and the world. We are passionate about making tomorrow different, today! 

The future isn’t a place that we’re going to go. It’s a place that you get to create.
Nancy Duarte, CEO Duarte

Turning Ideas into Reality

Transitioning to a more sustainable world is vital. We must move towards cleaner energy sources, breaking our dependence on fossil fuels.

We’re interested in climate tech start-ups with transformative founding teams, technologies and business models that can help us address the energy demands of tomorrow. Renewables are at the heart of this transition.  Creating more sustainable, affordable, and reliable ways to generate, transport, store, and convert this energy is our focus.

Our current investment themes include: 

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What we offer

A transformative mindset with the power of a corporate

We put founding teams at the center of what we do. Our purpose is to accompany you on your growth journey, providing necessary support and guidance.


Our expertise in innovation can be traced back to 1886 with the application of the dynamo-electric principle.


Today, Siemens Energy is the leading pureplay energy company, and Siemens Energy Ventures can offer a unique blend of market access, networks and deep technology know-how. A transformative mindset with the power of a corporate.


What we seek

We want start-ups to be part of this new world we’re creating. Together we can tackle the technical and commercial challenges across the entire energy value chain. Either through being an early customer or a strategic growth partner.

Venture Clienting

Let us be an early customer with these benefits: 

  • We test and adopt your solution starting with an initial Proof of Concept
  • The collaboration is defined by purchase order for one of our businesses 
  • We will not ask for equity or IP as your client but will consider investments in selected cases 
  • You will get a supplier status and can grow your business across Siemens Energy 
  • There will be a direct point of contact available for you across the length of the project 
  • We ensure a fast purchasing process and can speed up your time-to-market

Venture Capital

Let us be a strategic growth partner where you could benefit from:

  • Access to our R&D expertise and global manufacturing know-how
  • Growth opportunities from our network of customers, suppliers or other ventures
  • Strategic investment 

We typically consider ventures at or beyond Series A stage with the following considerations:

  • Your transformative venture fits well with the energy transition, our strategic focus and can make a real difference over time
  • Your solution has a promising initial customer track record and is ready to scale.
  • Your start-up is a legal entity, majority-owned by founders and venture capital and investors with a full-time management team that secured  funding.
  • You have wholly owned or licensed intellectual property.

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