October 21, 2020
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Thanks to more than 240 donors we bring mobile solar power to Senegal

How to close the gap in energy infrastructure

More than 630 million people lack electricity in Sub-Saharan Africa. When not connected to a grid, they often produce their required energy from inefficient diesel generators, which are neither economically nor ecologically suitable. With the donation sum of € 301,046 we start together the change by connecting more than 2,000 people in Bacco Ndieme, Senegal to a sustainable, green energy source. This project is being realized through the active support of more than 240 donors from around the world.

The energy market is not only changing in its offerings, but also in adapting to new business models. #connect2evolve is a combination of both. It includes new offerings such as carbon-free energy supply and is opening itself to impact investors and new customers. Private people are empowered to invest in power supply – be they local people who are actually benefiting from the Solartainer® or me living in Dubai knowing that I actively support a carbon-neutral energy supply. The first project is a donation to electrify a complete village in Senegal. A win–win situation for everyone involved.

Karim Amin

CEO Power Generation – Siemens Gas and Power GmbH & Co. KG

With the help of this project, we can make use of our natural resources. Every child should have the possibility of being connected to the internet, having access to education, better healthcare, and culture. I believe that with solar energy, young people will have a future working in our village without wanting to leave, because they will have everything they need in their surroundings.

Oumar Ba

Mayor of Bacco Ndieme, Senegal

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The power of technology accelerates change. Access to reliable energy sources is key for African people to move further with digitalization and be quickly integrated into a globalized economy.

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The non-profit association Africa GreenTec Help e.V. is the recipient of the donations. A tax receipt will be provided upon request. Please send an e-mail to connect2evolve.communications@siemens-energy.com.

The #connect2evolve community consists of all project members. These are the donors, the non-profit association Africa GreenTec Help e.V., Africa GreenTec and Siemens Energy. Africa GreenTec Help e.V. has initiated the appeal for donations. The direct recipient of the donations is Africa GreenTec Help e.V. With the help of the donations, the Solartainer® will be bought at Africa GreenTec and the installation will be ordered. Siemens Energy is supporting this project with its expertise in digitization by making its direct influence visible to donors via Blockchain by means of an informative impact token.

The name combines the two goals we are aiming for: First, we want to connect the community of donors with the local community in Senegal. Donors can participate by helping to finance a power generation project which the community of Bacco Ndieme in Senegal will directly benefit from. Second, both the donors and the local community can evolve and grow in experience. The community will benefit from the sustainable, clean and permanently available energy, allowing them also participate in the new world of digitalization as well as to build or expand their local businesses. Donors can follow this development. The delivered energy will become visible for each donor through impact tokens.

Siemens Energy and our partners Africa GreenTec Help e.V. and Africa GreenTec want to support countries such as Senegal in the realm of sustainable socio-economic development. Our partners have a broad range of experience as well as access to Senegal and to the necessary network for successful project implementation. The village of Bacco Ndieme in Senegal was recommended by Africa GreenTec Help e.V. and ensures proper due diligence. Here are the reasons for implementing the electrification project in Bacco Ndieme:

  • There is a need for clean power generation especially in Bacco Ndieme as they are not connected to the national grid.
  • The community of Bacco Ndieme plan to become a green village (agriculture without pesticides)
  • The government of Senegal is open for private partnership regarding sustainable electrification and digitalization of the country.
  • The political situation in Senegal is relatively stable.
  • Senegal is close to Mali, a country in which Africa GreenTec is already established.

When the fundraising target is reached, Africa GreenTec Help e.V. will purchase the Solartainer® from Africa GreenTec and have it installed in Bacco Ndieme in Senegal.  Africa GreenTec Help e.V. is a non-profit association and ensures that the donations are used exclusively for this project. With Africa GreenTec we have a respected and trustworthy partner at our side who delivers and installs the Solartainer®. Africa GreenTec has already installed more than 20 Solartainer® in Mali.

When the Solartainer® starts generating electricity, virtual impact tokens will be generated. The tokens represent the delivered kilowatt hours (kWh) of renewable energy and can be converted into saved CO2 emissions. The conversion takes place in comparison to the power generated by diesel generators. The impact token has only an information value, it can neither be traded nor transferred. The information documented in the token is visualized on a website accessible only to the respective donor. A legal claim to impact token does not exist.

The local energy consumers will found a power cooperative who will be the owner of the Solartainer®.

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Witness how life in Bacco Ndieme, Senegal evolves with the donations to Africa GreenTec Help e.V.. By using the power of technology we shape a better tomorrow. The donations help unleash the transformational potential of decentralized energy. Registration occurs on an external platform provided by our partner SWARM.