Services for High-Voltage Systems for Substations

High-voltage switchgears of up to 800 kV are serviced by Siemens Energy Transmission Service

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Lasting availability and efficiency for high-voltage products and switchgears

High-voltage products and switchgears are key for every power network. Their fault-free operation is essential for a reliable power supply. But even the best technology can be significantly affected by aging and wear. That’s why we offer a full range of services from reviews and consulting, planned maintenance and inspections, repair services and spare parts to modernizations and extensions. All kind of services are not limited to Brand Siemens Energy only, as we provide solutions for many other brands (e.g. TRENCH, former VATECH group etc)

Why Maintenance?

Electric power is key in our modern live. High voltage assets transmit power to our factories, transportation systems, hospitals, offices and of course our homes. If they fail, consequences can be severe.

Why Diagnostics?

WHY is increasing the reliability through non-invasive diagnostics so important? 
Permanently growing energy demand leads to longer usage of equipment. If diagnostics or maintenance will not be carried out, a power failure can occur​.

Highlight services for long lasting high-voltage products

Siemens Energy offers you an innovative and comprehensive service portfolio for your high-voltage products. Take a closer look at some of our numerous offerings.

Wide-ranging services that keep your HV products fit

To achieve a long lifetime of 50 years or more for your high-voltage products and switchgear, it is necessary to follow OEM maintenance and service recommendations. With over 160 years of OEM experience and nearly 50 years of OEM experience in the field of HV equipment, we are a partner you can trust. 

Preventive maintenance

  • Time- and condition-based maintenance, following OEM recommendations
  • Optimizing performance and fighting natural aging
  • Ensuring that parts still in good conditions are kept in this state
  • ­Replacement of certain parts in good times
  • Local qualified experts


Repair services

  • ­Initial on-site investigation
  • Developed repair solutions, repairs include parts and materials by expert field service personnel
  • OEM workshops address failure analysis and repair


Emergency services

  • On-call duty contract 24/7 2nd and 3rd level senior technical support as well as on-site investigation within a contractual time-frame
  • Utilization of Siemens Energy internal engineering department


Spares consulting / Spare Parts management

  • Provision of high-quality spares across all applied technologies and asset generations
  • Reliable global supply of spare parts, major components and complete spare modules for planned and unplanned maintenance measures
  • Individual consulting solutions for new strategic spares as well as for already existing customer spares
  • Managed spares service models


Obsolescence management

  • Provision of detailed information (internal/external) on obsolete parts and products in our globally installed base
  • Recommendations for remedial action, including retrofits, modernizations, last calls for replacement spares or disposal


Modernization and retrofit

  • ­Modernization of hardware and software with state-of-the-art versions
  • ­Upgrading functions to tune your devices for higher requirements by replacing components
  • Retrofit of individual components to maintain the delivery capacity



  • Overhaul of your high-voltage equipment


Upgrade and uprate

  • ­System-wide feature upgrades and uprated performance
  • ­Substitution of old GIS modules by latest state-of-the-art components
  • ­Replacement of measuring transformers VTs and CTs by modern design and higher precision
  • Check and replacement of cables and porcelain bushings


Lifecycle extension

  • ­Extension of your existing systems (such as substations) with existing or new equipment
  • ­All existing GIS types can be extended by adapter module
  • ­Use of existing GIS-building infrastructure to implement the extension
  • Existing GIS remains in service during extension 


 Monitoring and diagnostics

  • ­Monitoring of your critical high-voltage switchgears in terms of gas density, partial discharge, and circuit breakers
  • ­Dynamic analysis of asset conditions in real-time
  • State-of-the-art communication interfaces


Remote services

  • ­Remote Diagnostic Center that performs 24/7 monitoring and diagnostics for online devices
  • Remote analysis by experts, including recommendations
  • Reliable and secure data connection


Training programs

  • ­Constantly developed customized and standardized trainings by Siemens Energy-certified trainers, combining technology and business learning
  • ­Training center with extensive technical equipment and facilities, e.g. complete switchgear bays
  • Training for AIS and GIS equipment for all Siemens Energy and VA-Tech products


24/7 customer support

  • 1st level call center support
  • 2nd and 3rd level technical expert support


On-site condition assessment

  • On-site condition assessment of mechanical, electrical, environmental and safety conditions
  • ­Assessment duration approximately 1 day per substation
  • On-site asset evaluation and testing
  • Detailed condition reports and early warnings


Asset management and consulting

  • Vendor-independent consulting services and software solutions concerning asset and risk management, feasibility, studies, compliance reviews, due diligence and audits etc.


Asset audits

  • Vendor-independent consulting and audit services
  • Recommendations for optimized asset management, based on OEM expertise


Service programs

  • Operation and maintenance services and tailor-made “care-free packages”
  • ­Guaranteed performance by defined KPI’s
  • Operation, maintenance, and management services, special service projects, customer as well as support services

One step ahead with information

Get to know more about our services for your high-voltage products and switchgears.

Brochures and Flyers

Smart Spares Consulting
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Global Parts Services - for HV AIS (Disconnectors)
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Global Parts Services - for HV AIS (Circuit breakers)
PDF (286 KB)
Global Parts Services - for GIS
PDF (271 KB)
PDF (459 KB)
Transmission Service Portfolio
PDF (224 KB)
Switchgear Diagnostic Service
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Flyer (applicable on the US Market)

63kV Uprate
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Live-tank Circuit Breaker Parts and Service
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Oil Circuit Breaker Support Capabilities
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Type SP & TCP Circuit Breaker Maintenance Programs
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Brochure (applicable on the US Market)

High Voltage Services
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High-voltage product services in action

We successfully deliver fast, competent and reliable product support for high-voltage switchgears and devices wherever it’s needed.