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Electrical Balance of Plant

Electrical integrated solutions to balance any type of plant

As a solution supplier, we provide electrical integrated solutions covering the entire cycle of projects, from design, engineering, procurement, manufacturing, factory test, transport, installation, commissioning, and services.​ We combine our own product portfolio with products from well-known manufacturers to design the best solution for your application. In doing so, we not only pay attention to the appropriate system technology, but also take into account economic aspects and preferred suppliers as well as important properties such as availability.

Our competencies – wherever an electrical system exists... whatever an electrical system needs

Electrical integrated solutions encompasses a wide range of components to manage the power generation, transmission, and distribution, within the plant or utilities facilitating the integration of the power generated by the main source into the electrical system. ​

​These components are used to control, regulate, and monitor the generated electricity. Additionally, are used to protect utilities and equipment using low, medium, and high voltage electrical devices.​

​Our electrical integrated solutions are based on state-of-the-art equipment and are designed according to the best engineering competencies, standards, norms and certifications.

SC, Prot. Studies

DC and emergency systems

Security systems

Transformers and reactors

Inverters and rectifiers

Lighting and small power systems


Control and protection system

BESS systems

PF compensation systems

Excitation systems

Containerized solutions

MV and LV systems

Frequency converters and
soft starters

Auxiliary support systems 

IPB and AIS busbars

Communication systems

Power quality management

Benefits of integrated electrical solutions from Siemens Energy

Benefit icon for increased efficiency

Increased efficiency
 in production, distribution, and utilization of electrical power, minimizing losses and optimizing energy usage.​

Benefit icon for reliable and optimized performance

Reliable and optimized performance
 of the entire power generation facility, reducing the risk of downtime and improving overall system availability and reliable power output.​

Benefit icon for experience in fully integrating equipment

Experience in fully integrating equipment 
into different range of applications and types of power generation.​


Benefit icon for scalablility

 to add new equipment or expansion of the power generation facility as your demand grows.​

Benefit icon for ensuring efficient and safe operation

Ensuring efficient and safe operation 
with regulation, monitoring, and protection of power components using low, medium, and high-voltage electrical devices.​

single partner for entire project

Single partner for entire project

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