Illustration/ key visual for the solution ‘High speed busbar transfer system' showing a closed electrical cabinet with one man standing in front of it and another man with safety clothing walking towards him. The illustration is completed with a reduced, shadowy and abstract depictions of further closed electrical cabinets in the background.

High speed busbar transfer systems

High speed busbar transfer systems secure a fast and reliable change-over between the main and the back-up power supply sources when the availability of the auxiliary power supply is crucial.

Our compact high speed busbar transfer system (HSBT-Compact) based on the SIPROTEC 6MD85 bay controller allows interruption-free or a short currentless gap transfer between two or three incoming feeders of medium voltage switchgears. This ensures a continuous power supply and safe functioning of auxiliaries in a power plant or an industrial plant.

Open electrical cabinet, left side, showing a high speed busbar transfer systems
Closed electrical cabinet, front side, showing a high speed busbar transfer systems
Open electrical cabinet, right side, showing a high speed busbar transfer systems

Benefits of Siemens Energy HSBT solutions

Benefit icon for flexible arrangement

Flexible arrangement and marshalling of input and output signals

Benefit icon for compact dimensions

Compact dimensions – can be directly installed in the switchgear

Benefit icon for modular hardware

Modular hardware and simple wiring design – no additional components necessary

Benefit icon for  circuit breaker ON/OFF commands

Semiconductor outputs for circuit breaker ON/ OFF commands

Benefit icon for easy configuration and operation

Easy configuration and operation either via DIGSI 5 software or from the display

Benefit icon for multiple communication protocols

Support of multiple communication protocols

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