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Electrostatic precipitators

Advanced inverter technology for ESP power supply

Electrostatic precipitators (ESP) collect dust in the flue gas produced by the boiler and other components. They support air pollution control at thermal power plants, and various industrial plants.

A high voltage is applied to the discharge electrode, generating a corona discharge that produces negative ions. The electrically charged dust is accumulated on the collecting electrode by an electrical field. The accumulated dust is removed by rapping hammer (dry ESP), scraping brush (dry ESP), or flushing water (wet ESP). The most important consideration in ESP for coal-fired boiler applications is to maintain and increase the collection of high-resistivity dust. 

Siemens Energy offers suitable technologies for plant applications and operations and combines compact design and high efficiency.

View of the Iskenerdrun steam power plant in Turkey

SIPREC solutions in detail


W1C single phase thyristor – HV power supply for electrostatic precipitator

The operating mode of the electrostatic precipitator ESP (wet/ dry) is governed by the raw gas and particulate (aerosol) conditions. As electrostatic precipitators are used in virtually all process industries, conditions specific to plant processes such as startup/ shutdown operation, load cycling as well as varying gas conditions due to changed fuels/ raw materials must be considered.


Electrostatic precipitator – operation, visualization, data archiving, optimization and diagnostic

The SIPREC ODS application is based on Windows operating system and supports Siemens Energy high voltage power supply systems for electrostatic precipitators (ESPs). SIPREC ODS (SCADA) connects simultaneously to all high voltage power supply controllers for comfortable central operation, visualization and data archiving of measured operating values. SIPREC ODS enables optimization of ESP operation and diagnostics.


Thyristor controller upgrade – HV power supply for electrostatic precipitator

SIPREC C is a thyristor controller upgrade set for the retrofit of existing thyristor controller of different brands. The existing control cubicle with all power components (fused disconnector/ circuit breaker, main contactor, SCR-thyristor stack, CT) and peripheral components (interface relays, terminals etc.) are all reused.


IGBT inverter – HV power supply for electrostatic precipitator

SIPREC I technology representsd the 4th generation of Siemens inverter technology, specifically designed for the kind of high voltage power supply required by ESPs.
For new ESP installations, we recommend installing the SIPREC I power supply system consisting of the SIPREC I control cubicle and the SIPREC TR500 T/R set for maximum performance. For retrofitting of existing ESPs, we also offer  the SIPREC I Hybrid IGBT control cubicle for the reuse of existing and suitable 50Hz/60Hz T/R sets.

Your benefits

Benefit icon for maximum reliabilty

Maximum reliability thanks to robust design suitable for power plants

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Low maintenance costs due to use of proven industrial components

Benefit icon for low investment and operating costs

Low investment and operating costs

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Effective reduction of particulate emissions and best energy savings through our optimization options

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Profibus communication protocol and own SIPREC ODS - Monitoring System.

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