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Protection and synchronization

Protect your assets and secure stable operation of your plant

When components need safeguarding, protection systems provide fast and reliable fault detection and reaction. Protection systems prevent potential causes of major damages such as shutdowns and the incorrect synchronization of generator to grid. Unfortunately, many installed systems are no longer adequately able to cope with protection tasks and their maintenance is becoming increasingly difficult. 

Our unit protection and synchronization solution allows for the replacement of the unit and power system protection, as well as the replacement of the synchronization system. The package uses modern grid protection methodologies that satisfy the most sophisticated requirements when it comes to response precision. Our unit protection and synchronization solution complies with the latest grid requirements and is based on special hardware, redundant configuration, and instrumentation that incorporate diverse-mode measurements.

When component protection is needed...

... Siemens Energy electrical protection solutions secure quick and sure recognition and reaction to failures.

When grid synchronization is requested

... Siemens Energy synchronization solutions secure trouble-free connection to the grid.

Benefits of our optimized power system protection

Benefit icon for multiple communication protocols

Multiple communication protocols

Benefit icon for modular hardware & simple wiring design

Modular hardware and simple wiring design

Benefit icon for flexible arrangements of signals

Flexible arrangement of signals

Benefit icon for easy configuration & operation

Easy configuration and operation

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