Illustration/ key visual for ‘Energy saving solutions' showing a remote service assistant on a desk with a notebook and a headset. Next to her is stands a woman in safety clothing with a clipboard and kneels a man in front of a battery working. The illustration is completed with a reduced, shadowy and abstract depictions of a power plant and two power poles in the back.

Services for electrical systems

Services for electrical systems to maintain the operational excellence of your plant.

Enhance your plant availability with our comprehensive services. From routine maintenance and spare parts to strategic upgrades, from remote support to consulting and PSS analysis ... we cover it all.

With our advanced services your business always performs at its best.

Karlsruhe remote expert center (REC) 2023 showing dedicated employee

Service portfolio overview

Corrective services

REC hotline – electrical

Remote support for engineering and maintenance

On-site troubleshooting

Preventive services

Remote inspection

On-site inspection

Performance and lifecycle services

SW/FW updates

SW patching

Spare part advisor

PSS analyses and tests

Remote connectivity setup

Training and consulting

Classroom trainings

Virtual classroom trainings

Video and VR/AR trainings

Service agreements

Our extensive service portfolio allows integration of mechanical, electrical and controls solutions in one service agreement based on your specific operational needs and objectives. Discover how we can help to optimize your maintenance programs, reduce complexity and lower costs.

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