Integrally geared compressor

Safe and efficient CO₂ compressors

Our wide compressor portfolio for CO₂ applications provides you with the most cost effective compression solution for your process. Whether your application is for CO₂ injection, Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) or urea plants, we will work with you to achieve your economic and sustainability goals. There is growing demand and new business opportunities for reservoir owners to take off, inject and store CO₂ and with our proven, best in class compressor technologies we can work towards decarbonizing your process.

Integrally geared compressors for CO2 compression in CCUS applications - a whitepaper

In this paper, we compare various CO2 compression technologies and highlight the advantages integrally geared compressors (IGCs) provide in terms of efficiency, costs, flexibility, reliability, and footprint.


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Power of choice

We recognize that our customers are under regulatory and reputational pressure to reduce emissions whilst continuing to optimize production. Working with you towards the energy transition, we are exploring efficient ways to handle problem gas while increasing your energy efficiency through operational changes.

CO2 compression parameters

Giving you the power of choice with solutions from our reciprocating, single-shaft and integrally geared compressor portfolios, we have the broadest application range.


  • Broad application range
  • Best in class compressor technologies (centrifugal, reciprocating, geared)
  • Optimal solutions for harsh and high mol weight fluids – customized and flexible, optimized for your process
  • Option for heat recovery to increase plant efficiency
  • Reliable and efficient, reducing operating cost – highest availability and efficiency for your application
  • Proven technology with hundreds of references
LNG compressor

Snohvit / Hammerfest LNG

  • Scope: 2x integrally geared compressors with dry gas seals 
  • The only existing subsea pipeline injection currently operating in the world. Natural Gas in the Snohvit field contains 5-8% CO₂ which is separated, compressed, liquefied and pumped back via subsea pipeline into reservoir

ION Clean Energy

  • Scope: Front End Engineering Design (FEED) study to support heat integration and optimization, compressor selection
  • DOE-supported design and costing study for retrofitting Nebraska Public Power District Gerald Gentleman Station with a 90% CO₂ capture system

Offshore compressor

FPSOs Pre-Salt

  • Scope: 4x compressor trains – high density centrifugal compressors for CO₂ re-injection service
  • Reduced capital expenditure, footprint, weight, and operating costs, while increasing reliability by eliminating the need to install, operate and maintain high-pressure injection pumping systems downstream of the compression system

Reciprocating compressor

CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery

  • Scope: Over 90 High Speed Reciprocating Compressors supplied to develop stranded reserves of oil from depleted reservoirs
  • Increased oil production with CO2 EOR

Steam methane reformer

Steam Methane Reforming

  • CO2 compressor for carbon capture project for hydrogen producing steam methane reformers. The compressor supplies a high pressure CO2 pipeline for enhanced oil recovery.
  • 1 million metric tons of CO2 captured and stored per year (>90% capture rate). The captured CO2 is expected to increase oil field output by 60-90 million barrels.


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