Optimal dynamic grid stabilization


Whenever an innovative and universally applicable solution for grid enhancement is required, SVC PLUS®  provides the ideal solution. Our advanced STATCOM (static synchronous compensator) with modular multilevel converter (MMC) technology provides additional benefits compared to conventional solutions for reactive power compensation. While conventional SVC installations already provide a highly dynamic solution for voltage regulation in the power grid, the modular multilevel system SVC PLUS®  is even faster and offers additional benefits. Siemens Energy also offers mobile SVC PLUS®  solutions that support short-term grid changes and rapid restoration after severe incidents.

The fastest dynamic voltage stabilizer

SVC PLUS® combines the benefits of static synchronous compensation (STATCOM) and modular multilevel converter technology with an optimized amount of components.

Despite its outstanding performance, SVC PLUS® requires relatively few system components, which simplifies the design, planning, and engineering of new projects. The components used for SVC PLUS® comprise proven and robust components such as industrial class insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBT), reactors, capacitors, and in utility applications AC power transformers.

Thanks to modular multilevel converter (MMC) technology our SVC PLUS® offers great flexibility regarding design and layout of converters and substations. The modularity and the low number of system components also reduce commissioning time compared to complex conventional SVC systems.

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SVC PLUS® to ensure power quality through fast voltage support

Mobile STATCOM - fast grid stabilization and restoration 

Optimal stability and quality


The SVC PLUS® is geared to quickly inject significant inductive or capacitive power. Thus the SVC PLUS® provides improved dynamic stability of transmission systems to reduce the risk of voltage collapse and blackout while avoiding deterioration of the power quality due to its multilevel configuration: generating unwanted harmonics is widely avoided.

In harmony with harmonics – and best flicker reduction

Harmonics generation is low due to the use of MMC technology, resulting also in low noise emissions.
The extremely fast control allows in industrial applications highly efficient flicker reduction and even active reduction of the lower harmonics caused by a nonlinear load such as an electric arc furnace.

Fastest response – efficient solution


The standardized component design allows minimized engineering efforts and provides an overall fast, efficient, modular, and cost-effective solution.
The SVC PLUS® control with its most advanced concept offers unsurpassed speed in controlling the IGBT semiconductors to precisely generate the desired flow of energy between the converter and the feeding network.

Better control for power grids, better load compensation

Depending on your needs, Siemens Energy provides the right solutions for grid stabilization and load compensation of any scope. The portfolio comprises the conventional STATCOM and the advanced SVC PLUS® in manifold combinations, and the mobile SVC PLUS® systems that can be moved to any place in short time.

Variations of STATCOMs for utilities

Small footprint, huge performance

The SVC PLUS® is an advanced STATCOM (static synchronous compensator). By using the voltage-sourced converter (VSC) technology based on Siemens Energy modular multilevel converter (MMC) design, it offers high economical and technical flexibility by its modular design. The footprint of an SVC PLUS® installation is smaller than a conventional SVC installation of the same rating, by up to 50 percent.

Reduced project duration

In order to reduce the civil work effort, Siemens Energy developed the containerized SVC PLUS®. The solution requires no building and less installation effort. Furthermore, the containerized design results in lower project execution time. The containerized SVC PLUS® includes the matured and proven technology of the SVC PLUS® with the best grid stability performance and a small footprint.

Grid stabilization – anywhere, anytime

The mobile STATCOM is Siemens Energy’s multi-tool for transmission grids that enables temporary grid support and grid resilience against emergencies. The preconfigured SVC PLUS® container combines major components in one housing and enables “plug and play” cable interconnection. A reactor container that contains the reactor coils including conventional bus bar arrangement complements it. The mobile STATCOM is the optimal solution for rapid service restoration after severe incidences, line rework, and grid changes, for example during power plant shutdowns.

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Different STATCOM systems for industrial applications

Smallest footprint for load compensation of medium size industrial plants

The SVC PLUS® is an advanced STATCOM (static synchronous compensator). By using the voltage-sourced converter (VSC) technology based on Siemens Energy modular multilevel converter (MMC) design it offers high economical and technical flexibility by its modular design. The footprint of an SVC PLUS® installation is smaller than a conventional SVC installation of the same rating, by up to 50 percent.

The "small solution" offers the right load-compensating performance for medium-size industrial plants: excellent voltage stabilization provides the best preconditions for stable production, securing power quality parameters secures hassle-free connection to the public grid.

Load compensation for large industrial plants or for weak grid connection

More and more often, the necessity arises to set up industrial plants with large fluctuating consumers in regions with weak electrical infrastructure – the most prominent example is the electrical arc furnace for melting scrap steel: Extreme variation of electric power consumption combined with generation of harmonics characterize the behavior of this consumer of electric power. Maintaining power quality parameters on the other hand is often a precondition to connect such a plant to the public grid. This constellation calls for a compensation system of highest performance.

To achieve this task, filter circuits are added in parallel to the multilevel converter (MMC) as in the SVC PLUS® Compact to fully and optimally utilize the complete range of reactive power of the converter.

Load compensation of very large industrial loads

The SVC PLUS® 2+1 is the Siemens Energy approach to very large industrial electric consumers: Electric arc furnaces nowadays often are in the range of 200MVA – a tough task also for the load compensation system. A combination of 2 SVC PLUS® converters, together with filter circuits where required, is the concept of choice, that also offers highest achievable results in flicker reduction and improvement of other power quality parameters. This solution additionally offers concept-inherent partial mutual backup – in case of a failure of any of the 3 functional groups SVC PLUS® converter 1, converter 2 or filter circuits the faulty functional group is switched off, but the remaining system stays in operation with reduced power, which allows the load to continue operation. Depending on the actual short circuit power level a power reduction of the load may be necessary, if the grid cannot tolerate temporarily the reduced power quality improvement of the remaining compensation system.

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STATCOM solutions all over the world

Siemens Energy is active on all continents. With references worldwide Siemens Energy has proven experience with all global environmental challenges. With FACTS projects executed up to the highest voltage level over the whole FACTS portfolio Siemens Energy can call itself a world market and technology leader.

SVC PLUS® STATCOM at customer Kusenhorst

Stable voltage for future-proof networks

  • SVC PLUS® designed for reactive power range of ± 300 MVAr
  • New active harmonic filter significantly improves the voltage quality in the network
  • Designed for an environmental and maintenance friendliness and a high level of operational safety
SVC PLUS® (STATCOM) at customer Sohar Steel

Modular multilevel converter

  • Replacing an old arc furnace with a new, twice as powerful one required double flicker reduction
  • SVC PLUS® with ±100 Mvar for the VSC and 60 Mvar for the filter circuits
  • Flicker reduction factor of 6 to 8 was achieved
mobile SVC PLUS

Fast compensation for high-voltage line

  • Instabilities on existing HV line require a fast compensation device
  • Reducing local construction and installation activities to a minimum
  • Optimal protection from the harsh environment, including vermin attacks

Stabilizing New York’s power grid

  • Stabilizing the voltage and providing reactive power support to the grid in Long Island, New York
  • Meeting severe undervoltage performance requirements during summer peaks
  • Very low electrical losses and significant space savings

What’s new with STATCOM technology

The latest information on SVC PLUS® systems.

Reactive power compensation technology helps advance CO2-free power supply in California

Siemens Energy will supply a reactive power compensation plant to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP).

A flexible solution to increase dynamic stability and power quality in the grid

Static synchronous compensator (STATCOM) is a solution to help the grid integrate larger amounts of renewable energy

Siemens Energy hands over its 100th static synchronous compensator to Amprion

In handing over the converter for a state-of-the-art grid stabilization system for voltage regulation to the German transmission grid operator Amprion, Siemens Energy is celebrating delivery of its one-hundredth STATCOM...

Optimal reactive power compensation

With SVC PLUS®, Siemens Energy further enhanced the capabilities of a static synchronous compensator (STATCOM) with modular multilevel converter (MMC) technology. Whenever your applications require a highly dynamic solution for voltage regulation, the modular multilevel system SVC PLUS® is the right choice.