Services for Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS)

In the field of flexible AC transmission systems,

600 systems

are serviced by Siemens Energy Transmission Service

Enable your FACTS installation to keep up with the future

Increase the reliability of AC networks and reduce power delivery costs with your flexible AC transmission system (FACTS) not just today, but also in many years to come. Even if your FACTS devices have performed well so far, various services are required to keep up their high performance, efficiency, and reliability of the years.

Benefit from our services for the following FACTS solutions

Parallel compensation

  • Hybrid SVC (combination of SVC and STATCOM)
  • STATCOM (Static Synchronous Compensator) – SVC PLUS
  • SVC (Static Var Compensator)
  • MSC/MSR (Mechanically Switched Capacitor/Reactor)
  • Synchronous Condenser

Series compensation 

  • FSC (Fixed Series Capacitors)
  • TCSC (Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor)
  • TPSC (Thyristor Protected Series Capacitor)

Highlight services for even more reliable FACTS

With Siemens Energy, you can count on an experienced service partner with a comprehensive spectrum of customized services for your FACTS equipment. This also includes state-of-the-art offerings and highlights such as our cyber security services that protect your FACTS installation against all kinds of digital threats.

We check up on your system and help to prevent failures

Supervision for off-line maintenance

Preventing failures is less costly than fixing them. That’s why we recommend scheduled off-line maintenance activities for the entire system. The FACTS station will normally be shut down for a period of one to three consecutive working days. To support and advise your maintenance personnel, Siemens Energy provides you with a FACTS specialist as on-site supervisor. The FACTS specialist will also support you in case of any difficulties including failure analysis if needed.

Every service you need for your FACTS

It’s our mission to keep flexible AC transmission systems in perfect shape for efficient, reliable, and highly available operation as well as for the changing demands of the future. That’s why our comprehensive service portfolio for FACTS covers the whole range of proactive and reactive services.

Maintenance contracts

  • Preventive/scheduled maintenance work according to OEM recommendations
  • Qualified local expert personnel
  • Increase of asset reliability and lifetime expectancy

Computerized maintenance management system

  • Software/hardware package for maintenance planning and controlling
  • Specific work orders with detailed work procedures
  • Detailed resource planning and expert selection

Field service and repair

  • Fast response of qualified local service experts
  • Access to the Siemens Energy global network of experts for additional support
  • Minimized outage time

Spares consulting

  • Individual consulting solutions for new strategic & operational spares as well as for already existing customer spares

Spare parts management

  • Provision of high-quality spares across all applied technologies and asset generations 
  • Reliable global supply of single parts, parts kits and complete spare modules for planned and unplanned maintenance measures
  • Managed spares service models

Obsolescence management

  • Provision of detailed information (internal/external) on obsolete parts and products in our globally installed base
  • Recommendations for remedial action, including retrofits, modernizations, last calls for replacement spares or disposal

Modernization and retrofit

  • Software/hardware exchange to extend the lifetime, support, and spare parts availability of your FACTS assets
  • Minimized downtime and greater availability
  • Handling new technology requirements


  • Overhaul of FACTS equipment for lifetime extension and availability increase
  • High quality work compliant with OEM standards
  • Dedicated functional testing according to industrial standards before re-installation

Upgrade and update

  • Update of your FACTS installation with state-of-the-art solutions to improve asset efficiency and performance
  • Implementation of new features and functionality
  • Complete functional testing of new systems


  • Extension of your existing FACTS installation according to growing demand and needs
  • Proven adapter solutions if required
  • Bypass solutions and more to reduce outage time during installation of extension

Condition monitoring and diagnostics

  • Monitoring of your most critical FACTS assets
  • Analysis of dynamic asset conditions allowing operation of your FACTS assets up to real-time rating (asset performance management)

Remote services

  • Our dedicated Customer Support Center automatically identifies critical situations
  • Experts conduct remote analysis and give recommendations
  • Reliable and secure data connection

Cyber security

  • Security concepts and patch management
  • Compliance with NERC CIP and BDEW white paper standards
  • Cyber Security Services

Qualification and training

  • Tailored trainings and continuous qualification of your service personnel in terms of FACTS
  • Classroom, test field, and on-site trainings
  • Experienced engineers as trainers

Technical support/hotline

  • Immediate 2nd and 3rd level technical support by senior experts via telephone (24/7h or 8/5h)
  • Utilization of internal engineering department
  • Coordination with key sub- suppliers

Technical support via remote access

  • Online failure analysis via Common Remote Service Platform (cRSP)
  • Access to experts regardless of location
  • Secured remote access to your FACTS installation

On-site condition assessment (“Health Check”)

  • On-site FACTS asset evaluation and testing 
  • Detailed condition report and early warning indication 
  • Recommendation plan for availability improvement and lifetime extension

Asset management and advisory services

  • Vendor independent consulting and forecasting of FACTS asset health and risk
  • Software and consulting services enabling you to optimize asset management (OPEX, CAPEX)


  • Carefree, complete FACTS operations by qualified Siemens Energy employees
  • Utilization of operational best practices gained through many of our systems around the globe
  • High performance and availability through on-site experts

Warranty and availability guarantee extensions

  • Extended asset warranty
  • Individually fixed availability ratings
  • Customized agreement on bonus/malus system
  • Reduced risk for return on investment

Service programs

  • Operation and maintenance services and individualized “care-free packages” 
  • Guaranteed performance by defined KPI’s
  • Operation, maintenance, and management services, special service projects, customer as well as support services


Transmission Service Portfolio
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Services for FACTS in practice

We successfully deliver fast, competent,and reliable product support for flexible AC transmission systems wherever it’s needed.