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Financial impact following the outage of an 760 MVA GSU transformer 330,000 € daily of lost profits

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Transforming service into reliability

Whether power transformers, reactors, transformers for industrial applications, phase-shifting transformers, or HVDC transformers – transformers are crucial for ensuring a trouble-free supply of power with no interruptions. As reliable, rugged key components, they are frequently in use for decades at a time – and are thus subject to the unavoidable effects of aging and wear.

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Transformers are the cornerstone of power generation, transmission, and distribution systems. Their outages or failures usually have far-reaching consequences on large parts of the power system.


SITRAM REG, the online regeneration technology, can clean aged or corrosive transformer oil, restore its dielectric properties, and increase the transformer availability. Regeneration processes requires special equipment, high competence, and long-time experience of staff. Siemens Energy operators have experience in online regeneration of more than 300 transformers with different design, connections and at various ambient temperatures.


Continous drying system and moisture monitoring

Moisture causes irreversible damage to transformers

The insulating materials of all power transformers degrade over time, but moisture in the insulating paper accelerates the aging process, and thus significantly shortening the life of a transformer. Moisture in a transformer can be caused by insufficient drying during production or repair processes, or by the environment due to damaged seals. Even if these factors could be avoided, moisture occurs as a by-product of the degradation process and is therefore unavoidable.

About 98 % of the moisture can be found in the insulating paper and only a small part in the transformer oil, so that a single oil treatment or oil exchange will have no lasting effect. The exact distribution between paper and oil depends strongly on temperature, which makes an evaluation of the moisture in the paper prone to error.

Our Service Team will support you with accurate diagnostics.

SITRAM Monitoring concept

Our product and service portfolio includes the third generation of online transformer monitoring. While methods and results have been refined from generation to generation, the fundamental benefits have always remained the same: optimized use, monitoring of sensitive components, and the early detection of any emerging problems. Service applications can be meticulously coordinated with and scheduled into your operations.
You can choose the level of online monitoring that best fits your needs. There are three levels ranging from component monitoring to monitoring of individual transformers to comprehensive fleet monitoring. Our monitoring service also supports you by having our team of experts analyze and interpret your measured data.

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Services for your transformers throughout their entire lifecycle

Siemens Energy TLM is based on the expertise available in all Siemens Energy transformer factories, which are well-known for high quality and low failure rates. Our highly experienced transformer experts provide the most effective lifecycle solutions for power transformers of any age and any brand along the value chain from reactive to proactive services.

Preventive maintenance

  • Time- and condition-based maintenance, following OEM recommendations
  • Decelerating the natural aging of transformers
  • Stationary transformer drying and moisture monitoring
  • Local qualified experts


Repair services

  • Initial on-site investigation
  • Developed repair solutions, repairs include parts and materials by expert field service personnel
  • OEM workshops address failure analysis and repair
  • On-site transformer repair with a mobile repair container-sized facility


Emergency services

  • On-call duty contract 24/7 2nd and 3rd level senior technical support as well as on-site investigation within contractual timeframe
  • Utilization of Siemens
    Energy´s internal engineering department


Spares consulting / Spare Parts management

  • Individual consulting solutions for new strategic & operational spares as well as for already existing customer spares
  • Provision of high-quality spares across all applied technologies and asset generations
  • Reliable global supply of single parts, parts kits and complete spare modules for planned and unplanned maintenance measures
  • Managed spares service models


Modernization and retrofit

  • Modernization of hardware and software with state-of-the-art versions
  • Retrofit of individual components to maintain the delivery capacity



  • Overhaul of your transformers


Upgrade and uprate

  • System-wide feature upgrades and uprated performance


Lifecycle extension

  • Extension of your existing systems (such as substations) with existing or new equipment


Monitoring and diagnostics

  • Monitoring of your critical transformers
  • Dynamic analysis of transformer conditions in real-time
  • Online gas-in-oil analysis, partial-discharge monitoring, bushing monitoring, on-load tap changer monitoring


Remote services

  • Remote Diagnostic Center that performs 24/7 monitoring and diagnostics for online assets
  • Remote analysis by experts, including recommendations
  • Reliable and secure data connection


Training programs

  • Customized and standardized transformer trainings by Siemens Energy-certified trainers, combining technology and business learning
  • Training in one of the transformer factories and additional visits and training like productions of bushings, tap changers etc. possible
  • Training modules in different areas, e.g. basics of electricity, transformer components, electrical specifications, basics of power transmissions etc.


24/7 customer support

  • 1st level call center support with direct access to customer-specific documentation
  • 2nd and 3rd level technical expert support
  • Fault analysis via remote access for failure analysis via Siemens Energy cRSP (common Remote Service Platform)
  • Regional 24/7 field service support, if needed


On-site condition assessment

  • On-site transformer evaluation and testing
  • Oil sampling, visual and thermal inspection, historical and operational data, electrical measurements, high-voltage testing
  • Detailed condition reports and early warnings


Asset management and consulting

  • Vendor-independent consulting services and software solutions concerning asset and risk management, feasibility, studies, compliance reviews, due diligence and audits etc.



  • Relocation and reuse of entire assets or components
  • Project coordination and management
  • Schedule and timeline
  • Movement and logistics


Service programs

  • Operation and maintenance services and tailor-made “care-free packages”
  • Guaranteed performance by defined KPI’s
  • Operation, maintenance, and management services, special service projects, customer as well as support services

Top class laboratory diagnostics for transformer materials

Do you know the chemical age of your transformer? Well we do! There are numerous complementary methods for diagnosing the transformer ageing process early and reliably. The Siemens Energy Test Laboratory for Transformer Materials is completely focused on the laboratory diagnostics of oil-filled electrical equipment. The highly qualified personnel are constantly developing new methods for ageing diagnostics and are using this knowledge for the benefit of our customers.

Test laboratory for Transformer Materials

One step ahead with information

Get to know more about our services for your transformers: We’ll gladly place our information material on our transformer services, training courses, newsletters, and more at your service.

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If you’d like to learn more about what we can do to keep your transformers fit for tomorrow’s energy demands and technological, economical, and safety-related requirements, please contact our Customer Support Center. Our experts look forward to answering all your questions about our transformer services, and we’ll be pleased to provide you with comprehensive information. 


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