I&C Performance Enhancement Programs

Enhance Performance – keep your competitive edge, permanently

Ever tougher competition is forcing power generators to identify and leverage every possible improvement no matter how small: every gain adds a little more to overall plant efficiency. Siemens Energy maintains a comprehensive range of services to enhance the performance of instrumentation, controls and electrical for power generation. We know how to boost the performance of your systems and help you keep your power plant permanently competitive.

Our Solutions

We can sniff out the levers you need to use in order to keep your power plant profitable over the long term without undue outlay. Treat your business to the benefits of our expertise in power plant performance enhancement: as a global market leader in automation with decades of experience in power plant processes, we can help you tap into new potentials without overstretching your budget.

Core IT components and systems are subject to rapid technological change. Regular upgrades from Siemens Energy ensure that your plant hardware and software always keep pace with the state of the art and simultaneously act as a performance enhancement for your system as a whole.

For enhanced performance: new hardware and software to rejuvenate existing I&C systems

Core IT components and software systems are subject to rapid technological change. Regular upgrades ensure users always enjoy the benefits of the latest technical progress for maximum computer system performance. However with such a wide range of system components in use and component lives so short, upgrades can also lead to problems with compatibility and spare parts supplies after a few years.

Siemens Energy provides individually tailored upgrades for its I&C systems that incorporate capability enhancements based on modern hardware and software components. We ensure compatibility and spare parts supplies over a long period of time. Our upgrades thus keep I&C systems permanently in step with the latest state of the art, which goes a long way to maintaining the long-term competitiveness and cost-effectiveness of your power plant.

Take advantage of web technology for more convenient plant monitoring, for example, or to connect with external systems. This simplifies work processes and quickly makes a mark on operating costs. Siemens Energy thus allows you to make full use of the benefits of upgrades with relatively low outlay and little financial risk.

Your benefits:

  • Improved system performance
  • Competitive advantages with new performance features
  • Maximum availability
  • Very short conversion times
  • Assured long-term spare parts supply

Energy is a critical production and cost factor, especially in the context of legislation and regulations resulting from the Kyoto Protocol. We help to identify and realize potential savings in the area of auxiliary power supply.

Respect the environment and save money: solutions to cut auxiliary power requirements

Energy is a critical production and cost factor. In addition, tough legislation and regulations e.g. in response to the Kyoto Protocol may also lead to wide environmental regulations to conform to. Advanced electrical engineering solutions from Siemens Energy help to cut auxiliary power requirements, which combines energy savings with a reduced environmental impact. 

Obsolete drives have high energy consumption. Siemens Energy replaces mechanical controllers with solutions using frequency converters and swaps inefficient drives for energy-saving motors – irrespective of the original manufacturer, the drive technology concept and the application. Modern frequency converters appeal not only for their energy savings properties, but also for their ability to improve plant efficiency and availability.

The innovative technologies offered by Siemens Energy for power generation performance enhancement include advanced solutions for gas and steam turbine I&C as well as sophisticated IT developments. Our products can not only make your processes faster and more flexible, but also improve safety and availability of your plant. 

Keep pace with the state of the art: innovations for performance enhancement in power generation

Innovative technologies are the key to power plant performance enhancement. Innovative solutions have a unique capacity to increase the flexibility of power generation workflows and the availability and safety of plants. The innovative technologies offered by Siemens Energy for power generation performance enhancement include advanced solutions for gas and steam turbine I&C as well as sophisticated IT developments.

Innovative Gas and Steam Turbine I&C Systems

We leverage the decades of experience gained with our installed base to make continuous improvements to our gas and steam turbine information and control systems. We offer many innovative technologies in the area of turbine protection and control in particular that can help to improve safety, performance and availability of the plant.

Our gas and steam turbine technology evolves continuously as we learn from our installed base and from new development programs. Our modules for optimization offer you the chance to put these improvements to work in your plant as well for improved efficiency, availability, reliability and safety.

Your benefits:

  • Higher efficiency
  • Higher availability
  • Higher reliability
  • Smoother operation with reduced wear
  • Improved safety of the plant and its personnel

IT Solutions

Siemens Energy provides innovative technologies in the IT field. Continuous innovation in IT directly leads to faster and more flexible workflows. Integrating different systems effectively, for example, makes the process of accessing data faster – and more secure.

Continuous innovation in the field of IT is opening up all kinds of possibilities for making workflows faster and more flexible. Integrating the various systems involved has never been easier and the process of accessing data is likewise growing faster and more secure all the time. We assist you to benefit from the various possibilities offered in the field of IT without compromising the security of your plant or data.

Industrial WLAN (iWLAN)
Open IT solutions, internet-based services, web technologies and flexible, comprehensive network infrastructures are essential to meet the need for continuous process efficiency improvements. Wireless solutions are a big part of the puzzle. We rely on wireless solutions employing the very latest in encryption technologies and industrial security to ensure that even the most sensitive data stays safe.

Further information about industrial WLAN can be found in the download area.

Digital video technology
Remote video monitoring in power plants makes it possible to detect damage quickly, simplifies life for staff and helps to cut costs. Digitized camera signals can be retrieved easily with a standard web browser from anywhere in the world using a video web server. You do not need any additional software in order to use this service.

Further information about digital video technology can be found in the download area.

Your benefits:

  • Enhanced user friendliness
  • Greater mobility and flexibility
  • Improved data security
  • Additional functions

Siemens Energy provides tailored modernization solutions for performance enhancement without compromising availability. Migrating electrical and I&C systems step by step protects existing plant investment and steadily brings power generators into line with state-of-the-art technology.

Migration of Electrical and I&C Systems Protection of existing plant value and step-by-step modernization

Pressing challenges in energy policy and the growing influence of renewable energy sources in power generation make integrating innovative solutions essential – and nowhere more so than in the upkeep of existing power plants. Faced with increasing competition, operators have to protect their existing investment while at the same time seeking to make use of the advantages to be gained with the most innovative electrical and distributed control systems.

I&C migration
Siemens Energy offers migration concepts designed to bring power plants equipped with TELEPERM ME or SPPA-T2000 into step with the latest generation of I&C technology as an alternative to full modernization.

The process involves updating existing I&C systems gradually with Omnivise T3000 components, with a significant proportion of installed capital assets retained.

We distinguish in the migration of your existing system to Omnivise T3000 between the operator control and monitoring (HMI) level and the automation (AS) level. These two levels do not have to be migrated at the same time. First up for migration is always the HMI level: HMI functions are updated with the Omnivise T3000 design (look and feel) based on new device technology while retaining as many components as possible from your existing I&C installation. Your existing HMI components are replaced with an Omnivise T3000 application server and thin clients in the course of the migration process, still your proven plant configurations and settings remain. The second step, which can be implemented whenever you are ready, involves the migration of the automation platform. Cabinets, PCB assemblies and dedicated l.v. wiring are retained. The basic control engineering data from SPPA-T2000 is captured by a special tool in a largely automated procedure and then converted for Omnivise T3000.

I&C migration

Naturally, we can also offer you solutions for the migration of your electrical system components. Tailored solutions for the modernization of the eBoP requirement in power plants help to bring about a more homogeneous electrical and I&C system landscape. Tackling the migration process in stages keeps outlay low and minimizes conversion times.

Electrical system migration

  • Advanced digital system technology
  • Modern protection concepts
  • Modernization of protection and synchronization, suitable for synchronous generators from any manufacturer and all performance classes in all types of power plant, as well as
  • Unit and auxiliary power transformers
  • Modernization of excitation systems and start-up converter

Your benefits:

  • Protection of plant investment
  • Uniform process management
  • Enhanced productivity and reliability
  • Maintained competitive edge
  • Easier maintenance and assured long-term spare parts availability.

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