Key visual for OAM application module named operations showing a man and a woman in safety clothing at a desk with 6 monitors discussing some Omnivise data displayed on the screens.

Omnivise Operations

Digitally transform your power plant operations

Omnivise Operations digitizes the workflow of shift managers, operators, and teams that operate and monitor industrial assets. It fosters effective collaboration between remote and on-site shift teams, while enabling new operational methods, such as remote operations or remote assistance. Omnivise Operations delivers individual role and responsibility-based views and enables an optimized single source of the truth for operation responsibilities.


Omnivise Operations offers a fully digital, end-to-end workflow that helps your employees systematically plan, execute, and document activities.

Benefit icon for reduction in man hours

Up to 10%

reduction in man hours*

Benefit icon for reduced operational manpower costs

Up to 25%

reduced operational manpower costs*

Benefit icon for lesser unplanned outages

Up to 25%

less unplanned outages*

Benefit icon for increased safety and reduced nonconformance

Increased safety

and reduced nonconformance through structured workflows

Benefit icon for increased transparency

Increased transparency

ensures information integrity, standardization of data across the fleet


* Calculations are based on specific assumptions, individual results may vary.

An integrated, modular, flexible solution for improved operations performance

Omnivise Operations infographic showing the content of the module and the connection points to the other 3 modules of the suite.

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How Siemens Energy makes the difference

Developed for the daily workflow of Inside and Outside Operators, with specific functions to enable fast overview and insight for C-level personnel. Incudes bi-directional interfaces with full transparency and efficient cross-role collaboration, providing the information needed for full alignment and integration between Reliability, Diagnostics and Maintenance.

Real time system updates and accessibility to Operations infor-mation, enabling operations teams to have current information, with fully Paperless Operations Management. Operator Inspec-tion Data is captured and consumed in the system as additional digital input signals, allowing the system to make use of the inspection data being collected.

Includes such functions as automatic population of shift event logs and tasks, following designs developed for Remote Opera-tions and Autonomous Plant. Emerging technologies for tasks like Operator Rounds (e. g. cameras, acoustic) to complement human senses with machine capabilities.

Our dashboards – a modern and intuitive user interface

Omnivise Operations screen – events
Omnivise Operations screen – tasks
Omnivise Operations screen – shift task planning

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