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Powering offshore production with sustainable integrated solutions

The oil and gas industry is beginning a transformation of its own, increasingly looking toward data-driven solutions to boost equipment performance, enhance efficiency and ultimately, to reduce costs. Siemens Energy is the totally integrated supplier that provides lifetime value by transforming the offshore industry with sustainable solutions towards a zero emission society. With offshore solutions, we have multiple capabilities such as, automation, electrification and digitalization which gives us the ability to integrate into a fleet at any stage in the lifecycle journey and effectively develop a complementary digital roadmap.

Bjoern Einar Brath

Norway is at the forefront of electrification in the offshore and maritime industries. Among other things, Siemens Energy has heavy expertise in power and energy management systems for ships and offshore, and is a world leader in the electrification of oil and gas platforms. More than ever, we can contribute with solutions that are both sustainable and profitable.

Bjoern Einar Brath

CEO, Siemens Energy Norway

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