November 29, 2020
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Reference: More Power and Reliability with a SST-400 revamp

More power equals more profit

  • Product line: SST-400 steam turbine
  • Project type: Turbine Revamp
  • Year of completion: 2020

Project Description

As one of the leading forest industrial companies, the growing pulp demand worldwide convinced the customer to make several investments to increase the pulp production of their existing mills. Resulting from the mill upgrades, more steam was available and opened up the possibility of upgrading the steam turbine as well. Thus, the customer decided to revamp the steam turbine in 2017.

The target was clear: During the next Major Overhaul, the turbine should be revamped in order to increase the power output and guarantee operational reliability.

Because of the OEM know-how, the technical expertise, and the clear focus on the customers objectives this order was awarded to Siemens-Energy.


After the execution of a feasibility study, including thermodynamic calculations, the scope of the revamp was determined. With the delivery of a new manufactured turbine rotor, guide blade carriers, and trip and extraction valves, a higher steam mass flow was accomplished, which in the end led to more power output of the turbine.

The revamp was executed successfully  and in time during the Overhaul in 2020. Reasons for the success were the clear technical concept, know-how, expertise as well as the excellent teamwork.

Customer Value

After the Revamp project had been completed, the customer was able to increase the power output of his turbine up to >10%. Furthermore, the new internals led to a higher operational reliability and by reason of the power upgrade, a ROI of under 2 years was achieved. 


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