December 3, 2021
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Reference: Murray (D-R) Footprint and Revamp

Increase capacity of the steam turbine

  • IST D-R Legacy
  • Footprint
  • Q2, 2021

Project Description

The customer operated a Murray R type multivalve turbine built in 2006. This turbine was installed in a Petrochemical plant driving a blower. The blower was recently revamped, and the client needed a drop-in steam turbine capable of matching the blower requirements. After the turbine had blade failures in the first state, the custumer got in contact with Siemens Energy to find the most suitable solution. 


Siemens Energy recommended installing a new API 612 footprint turbine with different steam path components  than the original design while maintaining the existing footprint for the foundation as well as steam connection and shaft end.  The blade type and material of the first stage of blades were upgraded to solve the failures. A new design nozzle block with airfoil style and Trip and Throttle valve were included in the new design. 

Customer Value

As shown in the figure below, the new steam turbine has an increase in capacity of 25% over the existing steam turbine.

The turbine has successfully past the spining test and will be installed soon.(Q2,2021)

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