January 14, 2021
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Reference: Murray (D-R) Footprint in a Sugar Mill

Drop-in replacement turbine with an upgraded Trip and Throttle valve

  • IST D-R Legacy
  • Murray R type
  • Year of completion: 2017

Project Description

The customer operated a Murray R type built in 1958. This turbine is driving a sugar mill. The case presented steam leaks and visual cracks, representing a safety issue for the customer. The turbine has been locally repaired (welded) many times, and no improvement has been presented. They contacted Siemens Energy to get a drop-in replacement steam turbine with an upgraded Trip and Throttle valve.


Siemens Energy recommended installing a drop-in footprint replacement to match all piping connections. The turbine includes an upgraded Trip and Throttle valve (Gimpel). The turbine is also interchangeable with other six units, which the customer operates so that he won’t have to maintain different spare components.

Customer Value

The turbine was satisfactorily installed in 1 week, and no changes were required at the site. The customer has a new turbine that is much more reliable and safer turbine.

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