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We are a global market leader in hydrogen compression applications with over 2500+ units operating in hydrogen applications, representing over 2,500,000 installed horsepower and over 100 years of compression experience.  We can provide you with the optimum equipment solution for your hydrogen process. 

Compressors are needed to move and store hydrogen. From the point at which hydrogen is produced to the point where it is consumed, our wide compression portfolio supports many applications across the hydrogen value chain.

This includes: the gathering of green hydrogen from electrolysis; grey and blue hydrogen produced by steam methane or autothermal reformers (SMRs/ATRs); sending hydrogen through pipelines; compressing hydrogen to the pressure levels required for storage caverns/tanks, ammonia production, e-fuels production, vehicle fuelling stations; liquefaction for vessel transport facilities; and feeding it into gas turbines or other downstream and petrochemical processes.


Our portfolio gives you more technology choices for the optimum solution for your project-specific requirements, considering…

  • Volume Flow
  • Pressure Ratio
  • Gas Composition
  • Operating range required
  • Footprint
  • High efficient H2 compression via positive displacement design
  • Multiple capacity control options to achieve high efficiency part load flow rates
  • Two well-referenced product lines – Process Reciprocating Compressors and High Speed Reciprocating Compressors to optimize compressor solution
  • Primarily applied with moderate / high volume flows
  • Two well-referenced product lines e.g. integrally geared and single shaft compressors to optimize compression solution

Coming soon  - the next generation of large scale H2 compression

Maximized pressure ratio per stage resulting in reduced frame size and stage count

The compressor technology doesn’t “care” about the “colour” of the hydrogen and how it is produced, it simply compresses according to the physics of a low mol-weight gas application. Both reciprocating and turbo compressors cover the complete map of low mol-weight applications. With each product having its strengths in overlapping areas, the choice of the product requires both technical as well as economic considerations. For this reason, finding a solution for hydrogen compression is always project-specific and can even combine both products to find the optimal and most efficient solution for the client’s compression needs. In general, our reciprocating compressors apply to applications which have small suction volume flows, high pressure ratios and/or high process flexibility requirements whilst our centrifugal compressors apply to low compression ratio and medium to high volume flow applications.

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Hydrogen compression –An integral part of the H₂ value chain

Compression is the enabling technology for safe and cost-effective transport, storage and use of hydrogen throughout the value chain. This white paper explores the challenges of H₂ compression and outlines its applications.

Compressor Considerations

To help ensure you develop accurate and optimized solutions, there are key considerations which need to be clearly defined when developing your hydrogen compression solution:


  1. What is the gas composition and is there water in the gas?
  2. Is the flow provided the dry flow or the wet flow?
  3. At what pressure is the gas being provided to the compressor?
  4. At what temperature is the gas being provided to the compressor?
  5. What cooling mediums are available on site for process gas cooling requirements between compression stages?
  6. If there is no water on site, what is the site ambient temperature for finfan air coolers?
  7. What discharge pressure is required?
  8. What level of lubrication oil carryover is acceptable downstream of compressor?
  9. What is the operating philosophy and capacity control requirement?

To understand why these are important, watch our green hydrogen compressor story here.

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