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10,000 paper and pulp mills in the global fiber industry are undergoing continuous change today. More and more companies are pursuing innovative approaches which use wood and native fibers as a raw material to create much more than just pulp, paper, or electrical power - and also supply these products to other industries such as the food and textile sectors. For a company to successfully unlock new markets, it must be able to organize all its production workflows as efficiently as possible, and launch innovative new products. Based on 100 years of industry expertise combined with our SIPAPER products, solution portfolio and services, we help our customers to make their production more environmentally friendly, resource-efficient and profitable for the fiber industry of the future.

SIPAPER: unlock the potential for your plant

The pulp and paper industry has been one of our major businesses for more than 100 years now.

This is the key to sustainably increasing the competitiveness of your plant: Do not just replace individual components, but rather implement a well though-out overall concept of seamlessly integrated components. With our SIPAPER product family, we provide perfectly matched solution modules which meet your current and future requirements – based on advanced technologies for optimal efficiency and maximum plant availability to ensure the long-term security of your investment. Enjoy premium quality at minimal cost and with sustainable efficiency: from a reliable partner in whose many years of expertise companies from the pulp and paper industry place their trust – and can rely on our tried-and-tested modular systems and solutions as part of our SIPAPER portfolio.

Experience the cooperation between Siemens and Stora Enso as global player in the Fiber Industry

A reliable long-term partnership – Siemens and Stora Enso

Embracing disruption in the pulp and paper industry, Stora Enso dares to do a major investment and, in partnering up with Siemens, builds a digital factory from the ground up. Aiming at the Chinese growth market, the new Greenfield board mill in Beihai is a milestone for digitalization and customer centricity in the fiber industry. Discover more details on the corporate project.

Trends & Topics

Trends in the fiber industry

The paper industry is currently undergoing the greatest change an industry can imagine. A growing world population with new lifestyles changes markets and requires the sustainable use of natural resources. Paper from tomato plants, cosmetics made of eucalyptus or fiber-based insulating materials – the fiber industry is in motion, using new opportunities and exploring new markets for a sustainable future. Byproducts from the timber and pulp industry – electricity, biogas, turpentine – are gaining in economic significance, as are both new applications for natural fiber in the chemical and textile industries and new technologies for producing biofuels, carbon, and composite materials. If you want to succeed in this market, you need new ideas and the courage to invest in change.

Customer magazine for the fiber industry

At this link you can find the latest issue of "The Magazine” for the fiber industry. Don’t miss exciting news about pulp and paper manufacturing, valuable information on current topics, innovative solutions as well as fascinating case examples from the pulp and paper industry. In our lead article you can read about how the fiber industry tackles the challenges of the digital transformation. Bring yourself up to date on global projects and our solutions for flexible and efficient production worldwide.

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Sustainable improvement

Our solutions contribute to success in the fiber industry – worldwide.

Cost pressure, environmental regulations, lower margins, and intense competition are creating an increasingly tough environment for manufacturers and are effecting the entire process chain in the pulp and paper industries. Our Siemens SIPAPER technology is supporting our paper industry customers in their daily business with products, systems, and solutions that help make paper production more eco-friendly and efficient, with intelligent process control solutions and energy-efficient drive systems, integrated engineering solutions, and optimized plant design.  

0 drives

In the area of drives, Siemens supplied an integrated system with over 160 drives, including industry-specific control features.

0 km2

A forest plantation was established covering 900 km2, including 720 km2
as a dedicated eucalyptus plantation.

0 kt

450 kilotons of liquid packaging board produced directly in China every year
since the beginning of 2016.

In Beihai, China, Stora Enso has implemented the entire value chain at a single site, from forestry and pulp production through to finished packaging cardboard.

0 x earth's equator

More than one million km of tissue are being produced in the new plant every year. That is enough to encompass the earth’s equator 27 times.

0 kilometres

Yearly output: 1,082,025 km of tissue paper including handkerchieves, paper towels, cleansing tissues and bathroom tissue.

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The fiber industry is in motion

Cost pressure, quality improvement, environmental regulations, shrinking profit margins and fierce competition: Continually increasing requirements for pulp and paper production have an effect on the entire process chain. What do you really need in order to master this situation? – A concept which provides you with perfectly matched power modules. And this is exactly what SIPAPER can offer you: Thanks to our many years of industry expertise and cutting-edge products, solutions and services, we support our paper industry customers in making their production processes more environmentally friendly, resource-efficient, and profitable – with efficient drives, factory-wide process automation, data analysis, and initial cloud services.