Energy intensive fiber industry

In today's fiber industry, there is a constantly evolving landscape for the 10,000 paper and pulp mills around the world. These mills are at the forefront of the closed-cycle economy, maximizing resource utilization, incorporating waste materials into their operations, optimizing energy consumption, achieving self-sustainability in energy usage, and leveraging digitalization tools. Our extensive industry knowledge spanning over a century, combined with our top-notch product offerings, solutions, and services allow us to guide our clients towards environment-friendly, resource-efficient, and profitable production to shape the future of the fiber.


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Embracing the change 

UPM opens first industrial-scale biorefinery

The biorefinery in Leuna/Germany will be the first industrial-scale facility, which will apply novel process innovations to sustainably convert 100 percent wood into bio-based mono-ethylene glycol (MEG), mono-propylene glycol (MPG) as well as renewable functional fillers (RFF).  Siemens Energy will provide the entire electrification, automation, and digitalization (EAD) solution as well as deliver a complete digital twin.

Green methanol:  The basis for a CO₂-neutral circular economy

The Swedish Power-to-X company Liquid Wind is currently planning the first large-scale industrial roll-out of eMethanol production facilities across Sweden in partnership with pulp and paper mills and CHP plants.




How does production of e-Methanol work?

pulp mill Klabin, Brazil
Free white paper

Fiber industries on their way to decarbonization - find the right energy system design

The pulp and paper industry has already taken a leading role in the closed-cycle economy by making optimal use of resources, integrating waste products into processes, optimizing energy requirements, and transforming itself into a self-sufficient energy cycle. But how can you further reduce the energy consumption in both power generation and operational processes? The paper describes how the energy systems and can be optimized with regard to thermal and electrical power.

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