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More than any other type of ship, yachts need to be unique. In fact, design and comfort are often the main differentiating factors. Therefore, unique solutions and numerous modifications are absolutely essential ingredients for designing and building yachts.

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Electric Propulsion/Drives

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Mega yachts and yachts

Perfectly tailored solutions for unique demands

Yachts and especially mega yachts are synonyms for luxury and elegance on the sea. Modifications and unique solutions ensure that your vessels always keep up with the high standards of our time – in terms of comfort and design as well as regarding ecological and economical aspects.

Supporting technologies for luxurious travelling

Our modularized solutions, which include all necessary systems and components, reconcile the sometimes conflicting demands of individual design and economical operation.

Key benefits are 100% compatibility, ensuring optimal results for all electrical and electromechanical systems, even on the bridge. Moreover, our intelligent alarm and monitoring systems not only enhance safety efficiently, but also improve maneuverability in all operating conditions.

In addition to this, an electric propulsion system is characterized by engines that at all times are allowed to work close to their optimum. This gives high efficiency and low noise in addition to less emissions.


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