HL-Class Turbine    

Flexible, reliable, and future proof technology

Our goal is to build a decarbonized and sustainable future together with our customers

The SGT-9000HL turbine can help you reduce your carbon footprint now while looking to the future, all while providing fast, reliable energy production.
Let's energize society.



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Delivering the future

Hear how the HL-class can support your decarbonization journey

World’s most powerful simple cycle gas power plant – Siemens Energy and Duke Energy

World records are just the beginning


What a wonderful feat of engineering and industrious spirit! Duke Energy and Siemens Energy together have created a world record-holding power plant. The SGT6-9000HL at Duke Energy’s Lincoln Combustion Turbine Station is offering incredible efficiency, while delivering the highest power output for a simple cycle plant in the world. And its unmatched ramp rate allows it to quickly meet the demand of Duke Energy’s customers when renewables like wind and solar aren’t available. This is an important step in the journey toward decarbonizing our power generation.




Supporting energy around the world

Click on the links below for short videos highlighting where the SGT-9000HL will provide power generation.



Your journey to decarbonization

There is not just one solution which will produce enough power and meet net zero emissions targets. A mix of new technologies, including high output and fuel-flexible options like the SGT-9000HL, are paving the way to sustainable energy. Whether you’re switching from coal to gas, to higher efficiency solutions, or to low- and no-carbon fuels, we’re with you on this journey. Integrating with renewables and carbon capture storage technologies are also ways the SGT-9000HL can help you drive the energy transition.   

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Ease that you deserve

Complementing the HL gas turbine, our innovative GT Auxiliary Integrated Package (AIP) provides you with smart, streamlined construction and servicing.  

  • 20K hours saved in construction
  • Fully electrically integrated
  • 95% of all inline components integrated
  • Fast Stack modules give assurance of fit-up in the field
  • Modules are truck shippable
  • Design fully developed in-house, built to print
  • Allows for maintenance during operation
  • Lighting system integrated

Service for your solution

  • Industry leading service intervals for advanced gas turbines with the first outage at 33,000 EBH / 1,250 ES
  • Ability to rotor de-stack on site and no rotor inspection recommended until 200,000 EBH/ 5,000 RES for hours based units
  • Minimized outage durations through pre-designed serviceability features of the package and engine, for example, the capability to perform a Combustion Inspection + Row 1 Outage requiring no turbine cover lift instead of a traditional Hot Gas Path Inspection
  • The frame is fully integrated into Siemens Energy service concept offerings 



Making an impact